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  • I Got What I Wanted. Now What?0

    It must have been over seven years ago that I whined and moaned (using a Webb column as my venting post) that cool, functional, consumer-friendly items weren’t appearing before our very eyes as promised. You know, the flying cars, the interspace shuttles, the automatic kitchens, the rotating windmills in our yards. I mean, even the

  • Scattered Pages in the Park0

    • June 27, 2018

    On a bike ride through East End Park a few Sundays ago, there was a softbound book that had most of its pages ripped out. They were blown and scattered about the park grounds like a tree shedding leaves. I thought maybe a youngster, on his last day of school, “celebrated” the occasion by massacring

  • Another Father’s Day in the Books0

    • June 20, 2018

    So our fathers, the “breadwinners,” celebrated their big day on June 17. Another precursor that summer officially arrives on the 21st. Yippee! Spent this one a tad different, with a new acquaintance this time. I’ll tell you about that in a little bit. First things first. Let me thank my father Gerry Sr., for the

  • If You Can’t Stand Up, You Can Still Stand Out, Part 20

    • June 13, 2018

    Last week I told you about an assignment I gave my creative writing students. They were to finish a hypothetical story about a shy man pursuing a young bank teller, but he suddenly finds out she is handicapped and relegated to a wheelchair. Would Walter be wonderful and look past her deficiency and make Janet