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  • Time to Say Goodbye0

    Well everyone, my time has come to say goodbye to writing my weekly column. Where have the ten years gone? I forged a bond with my readers and Webb staff, and it will be sorely missed. However, I am very weak now. It’s difficult to walk, and I get short of breath. I have fought

  • Licking the Batter Clean0

    Some of you, whether young or old, love eating raw cookie dough, but I never really developed a taste for it. Especially after I read (wives tale?) that said the unbaked dough would rise in your stomach and becomes hard to digest. Might as well swallow bubble gum! But there WERE some pots and pans

  • A T-Van and JRT Air Views0

    • Arts
    • October 31, 2018

    There’s going to come a time, and it should be fun, that our pets will be able to communicate to us with more than a mere bark or meow. Some type of app, linked to their brain, plugged into our laptop or cell phone will expose their thoughts, channel and funnel them, then translate them

  • Time Flies and So is My Nephew0

    When I first started this column, my nephew Malcolm was three years old and didn’t read it. Just made fun of my picture — head tilted to the side like a clown trying to shed his wig. Now he’s 13 and devours each word every chance he gets. I enjoy his critiques, as it’s not

  • Miscellaneous Musings0

    This week, a rambling of things on my mind for everyone to catch up on. Grab a good seat and let’s go! Happy to report I am two for two now, first in contacting former Hurst showgirl Nikki Phillips (now O’Neill) and then with car show goer Art. He’s the guy who looks like me,

  • Gonna Hitch a Ride0

    • Arts
    • October 10, 2018

    Several weeks ago I experienced the ride of my life. Or, I should say “rides” of my life, as I dared myself to get up early on a Sunday and hitchhike as far as I comfortably could. Then try to return home (in one piece) within 24 hours using just my thumb. I’m sure your

  • Old Formidable Foe – New Challenge0

    The never say die tennis legend Jimmy Connors once said he never lost to an opponent because he ran out of time. Rather, he shrugged and said he merely ran out of options. I know the feeling all too well. With cancer, you go through a few rather grim milestones. You remember the day and

  • Tom and Helene had a Thing Going On0

    • Arts
    • September 26, 2018

    A young (now mid-age) couple will either be very miffed or overly delighted that I decided to share some excerpts of their ultra-private love letters to each other. It seems Tom left them folded inside a Wild World of Corvettes magazine I bought at a swap meet. No doubt he read about “plastic fantastic” and

  • A Follow Up Worth Following0

    • Arts
    • September 19, 2018

    This story should make your engines rev. My tachometer surely hit the redline, and should give anyone hope in finding an idol from youth that they never got the chance to meet. Several issues ago, I penned a story about Nikki Phillips, my favorite Hurst show car gal when growing up. At age 10 I

  • The Scent of a Woman0

    • Arts
    • September 12, 2018

    “To attract men, I wear a perfume called ‘new car interior’.” ~ Rita Rudner The other day in a waiting room, I was browsing a magazine that had a perfume advertisement and sample strip targeted at women. It was called “Gabrielle” by Chanel. I knew the scent was vaguely familiar. It took me a few minutes,