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Time to Say Goodbye

Well everyone, my time has come to say goodbye to writing my weekly column. Where have the ten years gone?

I forged a bond with my readers and Webb staff, and it will be sorely missed. However, I am very weak now. It’s difficult to walk, and I get short of breath. I have fought as long and hard as I possibly could.

Many, many thanks to everyone who has supported me. I am now under the guidance of Geisinger hospice, and they are making me comfortable for the next transition. I am at peace with myself.

Amazing that in early October I walked 15.8 miles with my brother at the Hershey car show. Now, I cannot walk to the bathroom without help. Things can change fast. Please heed that as your own life progresses.

I hope you always savor a favorite story I wrote, and take it with you in life. I appreciate the Webb family for all they have done for me over the years. Editor Steph was also a great factor. Mike Rafferty made me smile a lot when he was at the helm. All good people!

Remember me as you want. But I always tried to think outside the box, and give things my all. My life was a fantastic smorgasbord of all things that mattered to me.

I write this as my hands are cramping and toes curled in knots. My 82-year-old father sits quietly across from me with concern written all over his face. No parent wants to deal with this.

But let’s remember all the good years and good times. My mother would want that.

My brother Geoff and his wife Jennifer continue with love and care up to the last minute. Geoff will oversee my collection that I built over my lifetime. My nephew Malcolm and niece Amelia keep me entertained. I love them.

I can only hope another writer comes along in these pages to make you laugh, cry and most of all — think in these trying times.

Thank you all for everything!

Love, Gerry

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