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  • …One Nation Under God0

    North Central Pennsylvania is, without a doubt, one of the most patriotic regions of the country. It is also proud to count among its residents many active and retired men and women that have served in our great nation’s military, which is why the management and employees of Backyard Broadcasting in Williamsport were looking for

  • You Can’t Judge a Book By Its Cover0

    Most people have heard of the saying, “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Simply put, this means that one cannot form an accurate opinion of someone else based solely from what they see on the surface. In our daily lives this might mean giving people the benefit of the doubt and waiting more

  • Bring Alek Home

    Bring Alek Home0

    For Kyle and Sarah Kuehne, the decision to have children was a no-brainer. Kyle, an adult protective service supervisor, and Sarah, an English teacher at Jersey Shore Area Middle School, ended up with two beautiful children; Charlotte, 5, and Caroline, 2. What took a bit more reflection, however, was the decision to adopt. The Kuehne’s

  • It is Never Too Late to Follow Your Dreams0

    It is very common to get to a point in your life where you stop and realize you have no idea how you have gotten there — metaphorically speaking. I certainly know I have. You are ambitious and have a plan for your career, family, and life in general. It might happen slowly, or you

  • Everyone Needs a Filter0

    No, I am not talking about air, water, or pool filters. I mean the kind that runs interference between the crazy thoughts running through your head and what comes out of your mouth. I was recently at a staff retreat that included my supervisor and other management from my department. All very nice people I

  • Still Strong at Any Age0

    Many of you can recall the blizzard of 1993. At the time, I was in college and still developing in my sport. I was just beginning to compete in the open division and starting to run with the big boys, which was a challenge, to say the least. Since powerlifting does not have a defined


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