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  • The WCC Invite

    The WCC Invite0

    It’s a great time of year as I set my alarm for 4 a.m. No. Not to do anything important. The British Open is LIVE in the early morn. There is something about watching golf before the sun. Links golf is a different animal. Mother Nature plays a huge part. Beware of the wind. Perhaps

  • Water Temperatures and Trout

    Water Temperatures and Trout0

    I used to be a fan of summer, but I don’t do well in the heat. I am a big guy who tends to sweat, and I no longer wear gray tees. Temperatures are now in the 90s. It’s miserable. The humidity is what kills me. I prefer to stay home. I am not a

  • Rose Valley Lake

    Rose Valley Lake0

    Ian Andrews and I have been friends for a long time. He is a good dude, and we both love to fish. Ian grew up on Rose Valley Lake, and that is where he currently resides. We don’t see each other much, but we follow one another online. Thrilled my bud is back using the

  • Mergers


    Jensen is showing some interest, and we are now playing some golf. My man is a beginner, but he is in love. We have been over to Whitey Deere a few times, and we plan to go on a summer trip. I hope to take him to all of the area’s beautiful tracks. Maybe do

  • Bronzebacks0

    Teach and Jensen were at the beach. School is out for the summer, and they needed a break. I stayed behind to watch the dog. No worries, kids. I got to fish. No need to travel as we are super spoiled. I do 95% of my fishing right here in Lycoming County. Some of my

  • This is LA0

    The golf world is definitely buzzing. Major stories are flowing. Bill Kieser and I won our flight in the Williamsport Country Club’s Member Guest. We captured a very nice trophy. The news only captured a few headlines. Our thunder ended with the sunset. Perhaps you heard about the proposed merger. The PGA Tour, the DP


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