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  • April is Not Just for Trout.0

    I know we are hot and heavy into trout season, and you can bet that I’ll be doing my share of trout fishing too, but there’s other fish to be had during this early spring season. I’m talking about bluegills, pumpkinseeds, rock bass, perch, and crappies — especially crappies. Collectively this group falls into the

  • In the Woods Before Daylight?0

    I remember when I started spring gobbler hunting years ago; I did what all spring gobbler hunters did — I got up before daylight and headed to a likely ambush point. Like most gobbler hunters I would start with a soft tree call and listen for birds to fly down from the roost. As many

  • Rough Times for the Ruffed Grouse0

    With spring underway, I should be writing about gobbling turkeys instead of ruffed grouse, but the declining grouse numbers have been getting a lot of attention lately. I’ll admit that I am not a real avid grouse hunter, but in years past I would occasionally head out to the nearby woodlots in search of that

  • Mops Anyone?0

    A couple of weeks ago some friends and I attended the Fly-Fishing Show in downtown Lancaster. If you are a fly-fishing enthusiast then very likely you are also a fly-tying devotee as well, and if that’s the case, this show should be on your agenda. Anything a fly tier would ever need is on display

  • CWD – Not Going Away0

    Writing about the great outdoors is something outdoor writers enjoy doing — myself included. Some subjects like chronic wasting disease or CWD, however, are very disheartening and garner a good bit of controversy as well. Like it or not CWD is here. It’s an integral part of our hunting heritage, and it’s probably not going

  • Rabbits and Squirrels Anyone?0

    The rabbit bolted out of the brush a good 50 yards in front of me and out across the icy snow to a tree line; it never stopped until it reached the heavy brush at the far end. The rabbit was so far out in front, I never even bothered to raise my 20-gauge pump.


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