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    Larry Stout

    Larry W. Stout has worn lots of hats over the years; a decorated military veteran, ordained pastor, university professor in Europe, and missionary to the former Soviet Union. He has authored textbooks on human resource management and leadership that have been translated into six languages as well as had published two novels. He currently invests his energies as a foster parent and board member for eight different community organizations. He is a native of Montgomery, graduating from Montgomery Area High School in 1970, who married his high school sweetheart Debbie, and together they have raised two sons and two daughters, one of which is adopted, but they cannot remember which one.

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  • This Year’s LION: The Fantastic Fraternity of Firefighters0

    My tribute to volunteer firefighters, “God Made a Volunteer Firefighter,” based on Paul Harvey’s essay, “God Made a Farmer,” was one of the most read articles of mine in 2021. But little did I realize that my article only hinted at the incredible commitment, generosity, and just plain grit that our area firefighters and those

  • This Week’s LION: Way to Go JPO0

    When someone visits the Lycoming County Court of Common Pleas, it is generally a visit that they would rather not be having. That was not the case on Tuesday, October 5th, when Judge Joy Reynolds McCoy, along with President Judge Nancy Butts, Judge Eric Linhardt, and Judge Ryan Tira, came together to recognize the work

  • This Week’s LION: Recognizing Thirteen Fallen Heroes0

    The number of indignities in the fiasco of America’s departure from Afghanistan would fill volumes, but one that has got almost no media attention was the blocking of official recognition by Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the US House of Representatives floor for the recognition of the thirteen US military personnel who lost their lives just

  • This Week’s LION: The 9/11 Memorial Riders0

    On September 11, 2001, our nation was paralyzed over three separate terrorist hijackings of passenger planes. There was a small group of motorcycle owners, however, who just wanted to do something — so they did what they do — they rode. Circling around the city of Williamsport, they symbolically demonstrated freedom in action. From that

  • This Week’s LION: Ron James and Children/Youth Services1

    One of the strengths of Lycoming County government agencies is that they take the time to recognize those who excel in their work. A rather unusual recognition ceremony took place on June 29th in Courtroom #1 at the Lycoming County Courthouse by the five Court of Common Pleas judges. They gathered the supervisors and caseworkers

  • 75 Years Strong Clinton Township Volunteer Fire Company0

    Anniversaries traditionally are celebrations of the past, but the 75th Anniversary event of the Clinton Township Volunteer Fire Company on June 25th was that and more — it was a vision for the future. The fire company was formed immediately after World War II, as thousands of veterans returned to the United States with a


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