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    Larry Stout

    Larry W. Stout has worn lots of hats over the years; a decorated military veteran, ordained pastor, university professor in Europe, and missionary to the former Soviet Union. He has authored textbooks on human resource management and leadership that have been translated into six languages as well as had published two novels. He currently invests his energies as a foster parent and board member for eight different community organizations. He is a native of Montgomery, graduating from Montgomery Area High School in 1970, who married his high school sweetheart Debbie, and together they have raised two sons and two daughters, one of which is adopted, but they cannot remember which one.

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  • This Week’s LION: Jack McGee-100 Years Strong!0

    The Lycoming County Board of Commissioners Meetings could be described as 99% mundane matters and 1% wow moments. The ‘wows’ generally catch me by surprise, such as line item 1.6, “Proclamation: Jack McKee 100th Birthday,” listed on the Tuesday, June 22nd agenda. OK, I guess it is great that a guy hits the century mark,

  • Jeff Hutchins: Giant Man for the Job

    Jeff Hutchins: Giant Man for the Job1

    Jeff Hutchins, better known by his peers as simply ‘Hutch,’ is a giant of a man with a truly giant of a job — Director of Public Safety for Lycoming County. This entire article could be filled up with just describing the responsibilities that fall under his watch. His vast area of responsibility is absolutely

  • This Week’s LION: Vets Helping Vets0

    No one knows exactly who the first military person to say, “no man left behind,” but it captures the commitment between those serving in uniform. And it does not leave after the uniform is off because there is a bond among vets that is impossible to describe but also impossible to miss. Unfortunately, for many

  • This Week’s LION: Dangerous Dr. Seuss?0

    Theodor Geisel, better known by his pseudonym Dr. Seuss, is arguably America’s most beloved children’s storybook author of all time. For decades, his books have taught children how to read and, better yet, love reading. As a student in college, Geisel was editor of Dartmouth College’s humor magazine “Jack-O-Lantern” until he was banned from writing

  • This Week’s LION: Big Brothers/Big Sisters Need Big Help0

    Companionship is embedded into our humanity. From the moment that God created Adam, he noted that it was not good that he lived alone. Though Adam was truly happy in Eden, he was not completely happy until God provided him a life partner, Eve. The COVID shutdowns have made all of us appreciate the need

  • This Week’s LION: United Churches of Lycoming County0

    This year is the 75th anniversary of one of the most amazing organizations in our area. The United Churches of Lycoming County grew out of twenty-four churches and two organizations that met in November 1945 to discuss how they could cooperate together. From that group, the United Churches of Lycoming County was officially formed on


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