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  • Coach Crews and a Millionaire Revival0

    Wow! It is hard to believe we are heading into week seven of the high school football season. One of the great stories this year has taken place up on “the hill” at the Millionaires newly remodeled STA Stadium. With new Head Coach Charles “call me Chuck” Crews leading the way, the Cherry and White

  • All Lives Matter0

    I am tired of the racist, prejudicial and discriminatory views, actions and policy that go silently unchallenged each and every day in our great Nation. The politically correct muzzle and fear of the liberal response prevent our elected leaders and representatives from speaking up and challenging the absurd. Meanwhile individuals that are no more than

  • “Real” Reality TV0

    I often wonder how blurred the line has become between what folks perceive as truth and everyday life and what is scripted, talked about and controlled in the reality television world. There is no talent required to be the star of most reality programming. The Kardashians are just vulgar people, name one real talent they

  • Sounds, Sights and Memories of September0

    Summer sailed right by and all area schools are now open for the 2015–2016 school year. The words ‘school is open, drive safely’, always ring out this time of year. However, judging from some driving I have witnessed, maybe a little refresher course on lawful and safe driving is needed. Motorists must stop at least

  • Keeping Up with West End’s Boys of Summer0

    Wow! What a Summer of baseball. Michelle and I were blessed to have both boys reach the Babe Ruth World Series in the same year. And that rumor Todd Bartley of ESPN Radio started – that Jimmy and Hunter get their ability from their Mother – it’s true. When I last left you (Welcome to

  • Welcome to Williamsport from Klamath Falls0

    To all who have traveled to the “Home of Little League Baseball” welcome to our area. Good luck to the players, coaches, and fans. The road you have navigated to be here is an amazing one! May everyone have a safe and happy stay here in the West Branch Valley. The game Carl Stotz founded

  • Sort of a Break and an Update0

    I was going to say let’s take a break from politics this week. I get tired of the facts that I uncover in researching stories. Both Democrats and Republicans are responsible for the heinous numbers I come across. I could not turn my head to one, however. Jeb Bush served up a belt high fast

  • Hillary’s No Dinner Cash Dash0

    Folks, we need to change. I understand that an individual’s political affiliation is engrained in them. It may have begun many moons ago when they were young. They either believed the teaching of their parents and maybe grandparents or they rebelled against possibly their father and became a flaming liberal or radical right wing conservative.

  • Keystone Debt and Deception0

    Governor Wolf just doesn’t get it and he never will. Us folks in the Keystone State are in for a long and tough four years, minus the time our Governor has already put in. This past week he made a big to do over the GOP Lawmakers who control the PA Legislature paying too high

  • Name That Nation?0

    In July 2012 our State Department released a report on terrorism around the World. This obviously occurred during Mr. Obama’s administration. One Nation jumped to the top of the report as leader in active state-sponsored terrorism. Sponsor of most increased terrorist acts since 2011. Provider of financial, logistic support and material for terrorist and militant

  • Saving the Chief0

    In last week’s article, ‘Where’s the Chief?’ (Which can be found at Webbweekly.com), I explained my connection to Chief Woapalanee and all those summers spent in his shadow at Brandon Little League. I affectionately referred to him as Chief Knockahomer. I was dismayed to see him removed from his post at the West Entrance to

  • Where’s the Chief?0

    It was early morning a couple of Saturdays ago. As I headed down Market Street and crossed through confusion corner a large empty space was evident at the west entrance to Brandon Park. Chief Knockahomer was gone, not there, as in left the reservation. The 24-foot wood sculpture whose proper name is Chief Woapalanne had