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  • In Defense of Bobby Knight0

    ESPN’s 30 for 30 recently aired “The Last Days of [Bobby] Knight,” about the brilliant, successful, but now much-maligned former basketball coach of Indiana University, for verbally and physically abusing some of his players. While no doubt historically accurate, the film I believe, over-accentuated the negative at the expense of the many positive things Bobby

  • Honoring “More” Basketball Friendships0

    Two more basketball acquaintances passed on this past month: John “Jack” Grimes and Richard “Rick” Felix. While mourning their loss, I once again found myself reflecting on how the simple game of basketball has graced me with the opportunity to get to know these two very special people. Rick through the coaching brotherhood, and Jack

  • Honoring Basketball Friendships0

    My world was rocked over the past six months by having to say goodbye to two good “basketball friends” whose friendship was forged in and through the love of “the game.” I speak, very fondly, of Ron ‘Lefty’ Travis who passed in December of 2017 and more recently Ed ‘Eddie’ Lewellyn who passed in July.