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  • Not Keen to the Club Scene0

    Some of you lucky elders out there may have been part of the famed Mickey Mouse Club. We won’t mention how long ago that actually was. But I will say Annette Funicello was probably one reason a few males signed up. I am here to report that I’ve been club less for quite a long

  • Why My Kidney is Named Sidney0

    I’ve seemingly got a double agent working inside of me — code name Sidney. Information: declassified. Risk status: medium. Flee factor: high. By the sounds of things (sheer groans), many of you are also “entertaining” a host who is annoyingly proving not to be the utmost. In fact, it’s a real pain in your side!

  • Once Bitten, Twice Shy

    Once Bitten, Twice Shy0

    Nobody likes getting ripped off. I don’t care if you got stuck with a lemon vacuum cleaner, poor roof or siding repair, or got hosed by Bernard Madoff and his fancy Ponzi scheme. It’s not one of life’s greatest experiences. It can even happen when you are young and green, as a few “snakes” showed

  • Just Don’t Ask for a High Chair and Bib0

    Americans are obsessed with diets and food intake. The average man needs a balanced mix of nutritious food that totals 2,500 calories per day. Athletes need more. Special issues such as thyroid or illness may dictate otherwise. But I’ve got a secret that will save you money, treat you to less carb intake, and is


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