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  • Another Father’s Day in the Books0

    • June 20, 2018

    So our fathers, the “breadwinners,” celebrated their big day on June 17. Another precursor that summer officially arrives on the 21st. Yippee! Spent this one a tad different, with a new acquaintance this time. I’ll tell you about that in a little bit. First things first. Let me thank my father Gerry Sr., for the

  • If You Can’t Stand Up, You Can Still Stand Out, Part 20

    • June 13, 2018

    Last week I told you about an assignment I gave my creative writing students. They were to finish a hypothetical story about a shy man pursuing a young bank teller, but he suddenly finds out she is handicapped and relegated to a wheelchair. Would Walter be wonderful and look past her deficiency and make Janet

  • If You Can’t Stand Up, You Can Still Stand Out, Part 10

    During my stint as a creative writing instructor at the JV Brown library a few winters ago, I posed a challenging question to my young students. Actually, I gave them a hypothetical story and asked them to write me a follow-up story on where it would all end up. I was curious to not only

  • From Depression Glass to Waterford Crystal0

    My first trip to the Corning, NY glass plant was a well-planned one; my parents drove us there, but instead of stopping at a restaurant for lunch, my mother packed a picnic basket full of sandwiches and condiments. Father stopped at a well-trimmed grove along the way to upstate New York, which had a single

  • Here’s Something Out of the Blue

    Here’s Something Out of the Blue0

    Rational decisions sometimes can’t be made during irrational times. Especially when it involves men and women who truly love the machines that take us through life, or in many cases, BACK in life. This isn’t like we haven’t met before; by now it’s a weekly event (celebration), of how I can haunt you or taunt

  • The Summer Job Disappearing Act0

    Another monumental shift in society — in the summer of 1978, 60% of teenagers were working or looking for work. By 2016, only 35% were doing that! Now, don’t be quick to judge (as I was) and say the kids these days are too lazy to hit the job trail. Many are spending more time


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