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  • Why This Oasis Happened to Dry Up0

    The song was so long and drawn out that even the artists who produced it expected to have the introduction edited, but because their status in Britain was so huge at the time, nobody asked. Maybe it helped that there were references to the Beatles in it (“The fool on the Hill,” and “I Feel

  • Can Your Kids Pass This Class?0

    With the advent of middle and high school just around the corner, I wanted to suggest some vital courses for your kids to add to their agenda. Pronto. Our society is moving backward, not forward in many areas, including the basic of basics. In no particular order, here are some classes to definitely sign up

  • Where Art Thou0

    He looks like me, and he acts like me. He even collects stuff like me. But he’s older by at least 20 years. So, I wonder out loud that if I am around by then, will I BE like him? His name is Art, and I first met him at a small car show in

  • Summer Isn’t the Only Thing Slipping Away0

    In case you haven’t noticed, and I am sure you have, summer is half over. More depressing, there are several trees that are shedding some yellow, crisp leaves. Hey, Mr. Tree over there, it’s not even October yet! So don’t deflate our hot air balloons just yet, OK? On a brighter note, congratulate my father


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