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  • Brains Over Brawn0

    Though I am a fan of strength training, olde time strong men, and fitness in general, I always find it entertaining to hear about stories where cleverness won out over brute strength. In the early 2000s, I had the good fortune to meet many famous people in strength and fitness circles through my company, Max

  • Larry the Energy Vampire0

    The other day my wife and I decided to go grocery shopping. Yes, this is what passes for fun with married couples with five kids. Usually, I can count on our weekly shopping trip to be an hour free of bickering over what channel to watch, or someone “borrowing” someone else’s clothes without asking. Ahhh…

  • Local Strongman Takes 2nd in “PA’s Strongest” Teen Division

    Local Strongman Takes 2nd in “PA’s Strongest” Teen Division1

    For 360-pound Adam Grimes II, his decision to enter for PA’s Strongest, a strongman style event for men and women, was last minute in training terms. The 19-year-old only had six weeks to train for the event. Due to his size, he has always had an interest in strength training but only recently got the

  • Silver Linings0

    When I was in high school, a million years ago, I was a pretty good athlete. Not great, but still I was a decent football player and wrestler. No, this is not a sports story. This is a story about seemingly missed opportunities and how great blessings sometimes come out of adversity. Wrestling was going

  • Growing Awareness for those with Special Needs0

    Growing Awareness, Inc. is a non-profit foundation that was established in May 2019 by a group of special educators. As educators, they observed that certain children with special needs, including those on the Autism spectrum, were unable to use most playground equipment. “Initially our dream was to build a play space in order to better

  • The Greatest Nation: As told by Pastor Max Furman0

    I was deeply moved when a member of my youth fellowship from thirty plus years ago contacted me and asked if I would be willing to officiate at her father’s funeral at Arlington National Cemetery. In the months that followed, her mother also passed away. Those funerals took place last Friday. It was an honor


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