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ARIES – Mar 21–Apr 20

Aries, you may meet an influential ally this week. Chat them up because this is a person you want to have in your network. You never know when you’ll need some assistance.

TAURUS – Apr 21–May 21

Taurus, you have real talent, so you should be proud and show off your efforts. Whether it is artistic in nature or you are a whiz with numbers, share your gift with others.

GEMINI – May 22–Jun 21

Explore creative possibilities, Gemini. You can use a new hobby right now that keeps you occupied. Look at trends that are popular right now and try one of those.

CANCER – Jun 22–Jul 22

Cancer, trust your intuition when you meet someone new this week. You often can get a good read on someone right away. That’s an important skill to develop, especially in the workplace.

LEO – Jul 23–Aug 23

There is a lot of potential for socializing right now, Leo. Your calendar will fill up quite quickly with invitations from people in your life. Enjoy the attention.

VIRGO – Aug 24–Sept 22

Virgo, take inventory of the things in your life and be real about what you need and what you can get rid of right now. You may be carrying around a lot of baggage you simply don’t need.

LIBRA – Sept 23–Oct 23

You may be feeling extra flirty these next few days, Libra. This will help add a spark to your current relationship or help you find someone new if that is the desire.

SCORPIO – Oct 24–Nov 22

Relationship issues at home may be on your mind, Scorpio. Create pockets in your days for deep introspection to process all of the emotions you are feeling.

SAGITTARIUS – Nov 23–Dec 21

Sagittarius, if you can’t get an answer to something yourself, then you may want to pick the brains of friends or other people in your circle. They may offer unique perspectives.

CAPRICORN – Dec 22–Jan 20

Capricorn, you have a lot of self-worth, so stop looking at yourself through a pessimistic lens. Be convinced of your value and ability to assist others around you.

AQUARIUS – Jan 21–Feb 18

Start feeling good about what the future may hold, Aquarius. There are a lot of possibilities out there, and you’re starting to see them peeking out over the horizon.

PISCES – Feb 19–Mar 20

You may not be feeling overly social right now, Pisces. Take a few days to spend time alone and sort through your feelings. Over time you may be ready to re-engage.

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