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The Masters

March Madness is over. Kudos to Coach Hurley and UCONN. Impressive run, boys. Back-to-back. They were legit. Major props to the gals at South Carolina. Undefeated in 2024. The Women’s Tournament definitely stole the spotlight. Iowa’s Caitlin is a star. She created so much buzz. Check the archives. I wrote about her impact several weeks back. The ladies outperformed the men in terms of TV ratings. The landscape has changed. Incredible career, kid. You handled everything with grace.

Now, on to the MASTERS. A tradition like no other. I don’t know about you, but I find myself completely glued. Many of us hackers will also tune in for the very first major. Oh, the memories. What a fantastic golf tournament. What a venue.

I have never been to Augusta National, and many of my friends say the HD television cameras don’t do her any justice. What? The rolling hills and magnificent Magnolias are pretty sharp on this new 74-inch Panasonic. Yes. Our addition is finished. Jensen’s grandma pulled the trigger. The layout is superb, and the course itself is absolutely flawless. Every blade of grass is just perfect. Augusta’s sand traps will never need an upgrade funded by local taxpayers. Sorry, Tony.

The views are splendid, and the golf is just as brilliant. The MASTERS always brings out the best in the world’s top players. They are still trying to figure out how to incorporate the PGA TOUR and LIV golfers. Long story short, several of the top dogs defected to make more money. It caused a major division. Arbitration. The Americans got mad and tried to ban them. Who knows how this will affect the future? But no one really cares this week. It’s the MASTERS.

WHERE IS DAD? I think he is the addition. PAINTING? No. I think he is watching the MASTERS. WHY IS THE DOOR LOCKED? I don’t know. He isn’t responding to any calls. DAD?

There is no doubt that Tiger will be a fan favorite. His impact on the game and his crowds are unrivaled. Many thought he was prime rib. He is battling some injuries, but Mr. Woods is still trending. Scottie Scheffler is currently the best. He plays well. Scheffler never gets rattled, and he will be a contender. John Rahm is the returning champ. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen much of him as he joined LIV last fall. I love Rory McIlroy. The long-hitting foreigner has been close so many times. He only needs a GREEN JACKET to complete the career slam. Then there’s the scrappy Viktor Hovland. My guy is so steady. I have a few others I am pulling for. Bryson, Danny, Will, Lucas, JT, DJ, Kuch, Max, Brooks, Hideki, Adam, Collin, Jason, Xander, Freddie, Bubba, Haotong, and Patrick.

OK. Here is the scoop. The 2024 MASTERS is done. My lovely editor needs her stuff by Friday morning. It is now 12:42 p.m. The MASTERS really inspires me to start playing. I am not alone, either. There is something very special about this legendary tournament. It moves the average golf fan. Anyone else lock themselves in the basement? Who went outside to hit a few backyard pitch shots? Did you even roll a few putts on the living room carpet? It’s completely normal. Expected actually. A tradition unlike any other. The MASTERS. Cheers.