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The Anglers

I recently had the opportunity to hook up with some old friends. We gathered at the Trout Run Volunteer Fire Hall for a wonderful evening. Fishing was the focus of our conversations. Yes. It was the annual meeting for the Lycoming Creek Anglers.

I am so proud to be associated with this great organization. It is a membership-based nonprofit that does so much for our area. Dues are only $12 per year and $8 for anyone under 19. All monies generated go directly back to the club. Give me a holla.

President Joe Knerr provided a few updates. Our numbers are strong, but we could always use a few more members. The LCAC needs to finish repairing our garage. Fortunately, these costs qualify for a match through the PA Fish and Boat. Sam Caldwell is our new treasurer. My man is the longtime face of our group. Thankfully, he is still very much involved. Sam talked to us about our largest expenditure — fish food. We thought about a new automated feeder. The BIO-OREGAN works wonders, but it is so dang expensive. Mr. Caldwell is also selling PA lottery calendars.

Dale Sholder serves as our nursery manager. He gave us some numbers. We currently have 10,500 yearlings and several 20-inch monsters. Many of these fish will be released this spring. The LCAC stocks Lycoming Creek and a few of her tributaries every Saturday in May. We entertained the idea of doing more in the fall. It’s tough to keep the trout in our tanks for more than 12 months.

My friends announced that we will host our Annual Children’s Fishing Derby on Saturday, June 8th, at the Squarewood Acres Campgrounds. Guys and Dolls 3 to 13 are invited. Everyone wins in this great event. I will be telling you more when we get closer.

Hunter Shoemaker looks good in green. He is a Waterways Conservation Officer with PA Fish and Boat. Shoemaker talked about what was being done regarding stocking with the state and provided several updates. Hunter is a great kid overseeing many things in Clinton and Lycoming Counties. After the meeting, he even entertained a few of my tricky questions—no comment on Rose Valley kids.

Mike Kinney was also in the house and gave a fantastic presentation on Life in the Creek. Mike is a talented videographer, and he records some amazing stuff. Mike told us more about the critters on Lycoming. He had some dope reels on muskrats, otters, minks, and beavers. It was legit. Mike always ends with five minutes of the Eastern Hellbender. His underwater camera was very instrumental in naming this guy our state amphibian. It was good to see my mate. I even came home with an autographed still frame. Check him out.

Thanks again to the Lycoming Creek Anglers. Folks like these make fishing better. Please feel free to reach out if you’d like to join. My brothers and sisters could always use some help. Cheers.