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ARIES – Mar 21–Apr 20

Aries, this week you need to get back to business, especially if hobbies or other interests have been taking up much of your time lately. Avoid distractions at all costs.

TAURUS – Apr 21–May 21

You may be excited about new prospects that are on the horizon, Taurus. With so much change coming, it can be exciting to see what lies in wait.

GEMINI – May 22–Jun 21

Gemini, you may discover that you are devoting a lot of attention to others of late, sometimes cutting into your own needs. Be attentive and caring, but pay attention to your own needs as well.

CANCER – Jun 22–Jul 22

Cancer, if you check the calendar lately you are bound to find a number of dates are filled. You may want to consider slowing down; otherwise, you may prematurely burnout.

LEO – Jul 23–Aug 23

Leo, if expenses and finances have been troubling you of late, you can breathe a sigh of relief when things lighten up this week. Right now you are in a good spot financially.

VIRGO – Aug 24–Sept 22

Virgo, you will need to uphold your end of the bargain for the time being as others are counting on you delivering. You cannot dodge any responsibilities right now.

LIBRA – Sept 23–Oct 23

Libra, over the next few days you may receive some offers from employers or entrepreneurs that seem very appealing. Before you jump into something new, do your homework.

SCORPIO – Oct 24–Nov 22

Scorpio, it will become obvious how others rely on you for advice and to get jobs done correctly. All of that responsibility can put extra pressure on you, so take it all in stride.

SAGITTARIUS – Nov 23–Dec 21

This week you may discover that people are flocking to you left and right, Sagittarius. You will not have trouble making new friends if you so desire.

CAPRICORN – Dec 22–Jan 20

Capricorn, take ownership of any actions that may have put you into a strained relationship with those close to you. Admitting mistakes is the first step in mending fences.

AQUARIUS – Jan 21–Feb 18

Aquarius, you may only now be getting to those resolutions you made a few months ago, but better late than never. Focus on projects around the home that will revitalize your spaces.

PISCES – Feb 19–Mar 20

Physical activity can do wonders for you, Pisces. If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or even tired, take a walk or hit the gym for some exercise that can alleviate many symptoms.

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