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Be a Good Teammate.

Be a Good Teammate.

I am what they call a basketball junkie. Former player. Wannabe broadcaster. Retired Coach. Fan and parent. Yes. I have been associated for all of my life.

I have seen my fair share of games this basketball season. I have made an effort to see every local high school squad at least once. Several college games too. I enjoy sitting courtside. At the 50-yard line. Most of the contests are with my son. I am now gearing up for a playoff run.

Jensen plays on the 9th grade team at Williamsport Area. I am in the stands for all of his games. Home and away. I usually get there a few hours early just to watch the 7th and 8th-grade teams play. I am usually incognito. But many folks will come over to say hey. I always know the officials. They laugh at my jokes. I still enjoy the atmosphere. Especially when I am sitting next to the cheerleaders. Yes. They mean well. But they are so loud. I don’t get upset when they pack it up before the freshmen game.

I must say that the landscape has changed. I have seen my fair share of mishaps this year. We need to remember that very few of these kids will ever move on. Some will play high school. Sure. But only one or two will hoop in college. No one will play in the NBA. Prove me wrong. I get so frustrated when I see the players constantly complain. They wear their emotions on their sleeves. Exhibit awful body language when they leave the floor. We need to reinforce being a good teammate. Some of the teams get it. Unfortunately, many others don’t. Cheer for your friends. Don’t be a cool guy. Give them high fives. It is so bad these days.

A good coach finds ways to get everyone involved. Remember. You do not have to play someone who scores 20 to impact a game. Set a good screen. Get a rebound. Play good defense. If you don’t see the floor- be a good teammate. Everyone has a role. Everyone has a common goal. Junior High basketball is all about the experience. Wins are nice, but remember to have fun. Enjoy it. Parents could also lend a hand. They are usually the roots of most of these problems. But that is a discussion for another time.

Be a good teammate. I have been around for a long time, kids. You have no idea how important role and bench players are. They are the difference between a decent squad and a GREAT team. Cheers.