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Gestures Anyone Can Embrace in Support of Veterans

Gestures Anyone Can Embrace in Support of Veterans

Veterans Day (United States) and Remembrance Day (Canada) are commemorated each year on November 11. Both holidays honor the individuals who served in the armed forces for their respective countries.

Community-wide events tend to be held on November 11, but any day of the year is a good time to pay respect to veterans. On a local level, people can do much to thank veterans for their service and sacrifice.

Provide a free restaurant meal. Offer to take out a veteran for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you see a veteran eating in a restaurant, anonymously pay the bill for that person.

Send care packages. Communities can gather resources and chip in to make care packages for veterans who live in town, and even to send to troops stationed elsewhere. Include foods and comforts from home.

Buy from veterans. Seek out veteran-owned businesses in the area, and then make purchases from their retail stores or utilize their services.

Volunteer at a VA hospital. Spend time with veterans where they receive care for current health needs or past injuries suffered in combat.

Decorate cemeteries. Honor fallen veterans by placing flowers or flags by their gravesites.

Participate in a parade. If your town hosts a Veterans Day or Remembrance Day parade, find out how you can volunteer or be a part of it. Oftentimes parade officials enable youth groups, such as high school marching bands or scouting troops, to participate in the parade.

Write to the newspaper. Write an op-ed or highlight piece to submit to the newspaper about veterans in the community. Mention local veterans who have unique stories, or speak about the importance of veterans to the community.

Ask a veteran to speak. If you work in a school or a community center, ask veterans to share their experiences with area youth.

Visit local memorials. Spend time visiting memorials nearby and paying homage to the veterans who devoted their time, or even their lives, to service.
Community members have plenty of opportunities and ways to give back to veterans in the area.

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