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Painting Pictures

Painting Pictures

Disclaimer. We are a weekly publication. My articles are submitted on Friday mornings. I do my best to hit these extended deadlines. The paper is usually done and everything is ready to be sent to the printers. My lovely editor is often waiting for Sporting Matters by Jamie Spencer. I will occasionally leave her hanging. Those are never my intentions. I do battle with part time mobile freelance procrastination. My new iPhone 13 has certainly helped. It has many more features than the old school flip. I have been on a roll kids. 57 straight weeks and counting.

We are back on the sidelines with the Webb Weekly. Kudos to Jim Webb for everything. My big brother allows me to call the action. We have worked together on this for many seasons. Our productions continue to get better. Thanks to our wonderful sponsors. The crew is amazing. They make me look like I know what I am doing. Webb Weekly provides the platform. Jim deserves all of the credit. We try to feature as many local schools as we can each week. Tonight we are heading to the South Side as the Mounties host the Canton Warriors. I take great pride in being a play by play announcer. Drae Lewis is my pal. He provides some color. Drae is young and brings some serious energy. My man was a tremendous three sport athlete. He has great knowledge of the game and we have some great chemistry. I also want to give a shout to Iron Mike Lundy. He pinch hit for Drae and helped call the Williamsport and Berwick game. He was fantastic. Props to Big Mike Alston on camera. The same to Curtis Musheno who is our producer.

“What do you know about football?” is a question I hear quite often. People are literally shocked when they see me plug in my headset. Yes. I am blessed with many great part time gigs. Believe it or not. I have been calling games for over 25 years now. I always carry a resume in my pocket. Most know of my relationship with hoops but again I still get some strange looks when it comes to the gridiron. Even the gals at the ticket booth still give me a hard time.

Instead of doing a weekly recap- I tend to write stories that have nothing to do with the game we call. I have had several opportunities to share some good with this page. There are so many great tales associated with local highschool football. It brings a smile as I look back. This past week was tough as I am still pulling for Max and the Bulldogs. He may have lost his battle. But it was incredible how this young man brought our community together. All walks of life. Young and old. They were all decked out in orange. It was beautiful.

Online streaming is so important. We do our very best each week to bring you the action. I ain’t going to lie folks. Describing the crowds and atmospheres is tough. I tend to sit back and let our incredible footage do all the work. Our picture is crystal clear and we seldom have any hiccups. Our games are LIVE via YouTube and can be seen all over the globe. I love hearing the feedback from old friends and relatives that are tuning in. Many are out of state and thank us for bringing them the games. One of my chums gave me some love all the way from Japan. Folks send me all kinds of photos. It is fantastic. You should see these outdoor venues and incredible setups. My phone tends to blow up whenever I say something stupid. I am still very sensitive so I don’t pay attention to all of the comments. Look. This was the roster we were given. You try to pronounce these names from the Coal Region. It is just nice to know that people are watching.

Hopefully you all had a chance to tune in. Again thank you for all the praise. Please remember that I only give personal shouts to people who are streaming from California or they are on a hunting trip in Nova Scotia. But feel free to ask. Good luck to ALL of the area teams. Cheers.