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Fall Turkey Season

The various deer seasons are fast approaching, and for many of us, with the exception of squirrel hunting, a deer hunt was probably our first big hunt.

Certainly, a deer hunt is an exciting way to get involved in the Pennsylvania hunting scene, but a fall turkey hunt has a lot to be desired as well. A successful turkey hunt ranks right up there with a successful deer hunt in my mind, and there are certain advantages to getting someone out on a turkey hunt.

What are those advantages? First off, the weather is often still very pleasant during the fall turkey season, which begins this year on October 28. Sunny, fairly warm days are common this time of year, making a hunt much more pleasant.

Another big plus is that there are nowhere near as many hunters in the woods disturbing and moving game, and fewer hunters probably means safer conditions.

The fact that the turkeys have not been disturbed much, often means that they are far less wary and will stay where you have been seeing them.

Also, for many hunters, bagging a turkey ranks right up there with getting a deer, and for some, maybe even more desirable.

That first hunt doesn’t have to be reserved just for getting a youngster started in hunting, but it’s a good hunt for anybody wanting to get involved in hunting. When my wife was just getting into hunting, I thought taking her out on a fall turkey hunt might be a good idea, especially since I had just busted up a good-sized flock of birds on my way back to the house from an archery hunt. It was late in the day when I scattered the flock, so I knew they would be in the area the next morning.

Sure enough, when we quietly settled down the next morning, it wasn’t long until we could hear birds yelping and trying to regroup. It only took a few yelps, and it wasn’t long until turkeys started showing up in several directions as they tried to get back together.

I watched as Sheila bagged her first turkey, and the fun and excitement ranked right up there with a deer hunt.

By the way, hearing those yelps or any turkey calls is another big plus when on a turkey hunt since that just adds to the excitement as you wait and watch for the game to get close enough for a shot.

If you are not a real experienced turkey caller, don’t let that stop you from getting out or taking someone else out on a hunt. For a fall turkey hunt, you are probably pretty well equipped if you have a simple box call or slate call and if you know the simple yelp call. If you have scouted out the turkeys beforehand and have a pretty good idea where they will be, then the next move is to head out and break up the flock. Young fall turkeys are anxious to return with the mature hens and the rest of the flock, and those yelps will often bring them back together.

Now, after a successful turkey hunt earlier in the fall, it’s time for a repeat when deer season rolls around, and I guess you might as well add a bear hunt after that.