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ARIES – Mar 21–Apr 20

There is nothing wrong with a bit of self-indulgence, Aries. But you do not want to go overboard with your treats and other must-haves. Moderation is key in everything.

TAURUS – Apr 21–May 21

You have a no-nonsense bearing that immediately has people drawing close to you and trusting you, Taurus. Put that out in full force as you try to win favor on the job this week.

GEMINI – May 22–Jun 21

Gemini, don’t let your quest for excitement pull you in too many different directions right now. You need to stick to one plan for a certain amount of time and see things through.

CANCER – Jun 22–Jul 22

Everyone wants a piece of you right now, Cancer. It is equally flattering and exhausting. You’ll have to be choosy regarding where and with whom to dedicate your time.

LEO – Jul 23–Aug 23

Listen to the messages swirling around in your head right now, Leo. Your intuition has been on target so there is no reason to doubt yourself now. Keep moving forward.

VIRGO – Aug 24–Sept 22

Virgo, is a particular relationship getting too intense for you? It might be the time to ease up a bit and take a step back. Distance could provide the clarity you need.

LIBRA – Sept 23–Oct 23

Libra, you do not need to struggle if you simply call in a few favors. Reach out to your network of people and figure out how you can make things work.

SCORPIO – Oct 24–Nov 22

Scorpio, do not chase people down, simply wait for them to come to you with your natural magnetism. You don’t want to exert energy this week unnecessarily.

SAGITTARIUS – Nov 23–Dec 21

Sagittarius, rather than showing people all of your cards, hold some information close to the vest and maintain a bit of mystery. Others likely will be intrigued.

CAPRICORN – Dec 22–Jan 20

Capricorn, you may find that things are very profitable for you this week. If you are an entrepreneur, business will be solid. If you perhaps sell on the side, money will flow.

AQUARIUS – Jan 21–Feb 18

Aquarius, for quite some time you have been focusing on everyone but yourself. You have to change your ways if you can get the rest and healing that you need right now.

PISCES – Feb 19–Mar 20

There is no doubt that you’ve earned a few commendations, Pisces. But this week you need to accept congratulations without being boastful. Exhibit both humility and pride.

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