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ARIES – Mar 21–Apr 20

Your compassion takes you many places, Aries. This week you may be compelled to reach out and do more volunteer work for a nonprofit that you hold dear.

TAURUS – Apr 21–May 21

Taurus, your friends need you to be steady this week, and that’s just what you will give them. You like being in a leadership role and someone others can depend on.

GEMINI – May 22–Jun 21

Right now your to-do list is very small, which means you have loads of free time for recreational activities if you choose. Otherwise, you can simply bask in having nothing to do.

CANCER – Jun 22–Jul 22

Cancer, you are in a frame of mind to learn some new skills, and this is just the week to get started. Begin slowly with a hobby or something that interests you.

LEO – Jul 23–Aug 23

Leo, it can be challenging to remain low-key when others are excited all around you, but you must be serious with this new venture you are considering. There will be time to celebrate later.

VIRGO – Aug 24–Sept 22

Virgo, while others may want the spotlight, you are content to work behind the scenes for the time being. There is nothing wrong with being a supporting character.

LIBRA – Sept 23–Oct 23

Take a few moments this week to go over spending, as you may determine that you have to reel in your budget a little more than you had expected, Libra.

SCORPIO – Oct 24–Nov 22

Scorpio, family responsibilities may continue to weigh you down a bit more than usual, leaving little time for romance. Try to make time when you can.

SAGITTARIUS – Nov 23–Dec 21

You are interested in changing your living space in the days to come, and redecorating is at the top of the list, Sagittarius. Find out ways you can do it without breaking the bank.

CAPRICORN – Dec 22–Jan 20

Capricorn, you may be holding back on conversations for fear of not getting the answers you desire. Everything won’t go your way, but failing to act is not the way to go.

AQUARIUS – Jan 21–Feb 18

You are ready to make some solid choices for your family and future, Aquarius. They may not align with what others feel is necessary, but stay true to your beliefs and needs.

PISCES – Feb 19–Mar 20

While you are prone to giving all of your energy away to others most of the time, this week you focus mostly on you, Pisces. It’s a welcomed change that you deserve.

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