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Tinted Sunscreen

School may have started, but summer is not over just yet. Weather-wise, we can be looking at high temps, bright sunshine, and humid days well into October. So, while you may be ready to bust out your autumnal beauty routine, we still have several weeks to eke out the last of our summertime cosmetics.

The number one essential for any summer-weather beauty bag is tinted sunscreen. These multitasking formulas are face-savers on days when the heat and humidity cause regular makeup to melt. Tinted sunscreens use added pigments to create a shade that mimics various skin tones. They’re formulated with minerals like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to filter out the sun’s damaging rays. Sunscreens tinted with pigment protect against sun and blue light damage while giving you a slightly sun-kissed look without exposing you to harmful rays. Since you should be wearing a daily SPF anyway, why not wear one that also helps even out skin tone?

On days when going all but bare faced won’t do, tinted sunscreens also serve as the ultimate blank canvas for a few final touches. You can pair a tinted SPF with a few spots of concealer, a cream blush, some mascara, and a bit of pressed powder for a long, sweltering day ahead.

Not all tinted sunscreens are created equal by any means, with some providing more coverage and protection than others. You may, in fact, opt for a less intense BB or CC crème on indoor days, then a heavy-duty concealing sunscreen for time outdoors. The key to finding the best product for you is one that also hydrates without inundating your face with a tacky layer.

For days walking around with minimal shade coverage, I’d recommend Suntegrity’s 5-in-1 Tinted Sunscreen Moisturizer. This powerhouse product renews, hydrates, protects, primes, and covers the skin. You can wear it on its own or use it as a base moisturizer/primer; plus, it helps reduce the appearance of redness and is suitable for fair-to-medium-toned skin.

If you’re in the market for something more medical grade, then look no further than EltMD’s UV Elements Broad-Spectrum SPF 44. Founded as a wound care line, EltaMD has deep ties to the medical community and takes its formulations very seriously. This 100% physical sunscreen in a tinted moisturizer base is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, including post-procedure skin. Plus, it’s water resistant, perfect for a day at the beach or on the boat.

For those of you who may not need as much protection, there is CLE Cosmetics CCC Cream in SPF 50. The three C’s stand for color, control, and change for a sheer yet buildable cream that can moisturize, protect, and provide blemish coverage all in one. Plus, this product comes in 15 different shades, from Neutral Fair to Color Deep for all skin tones.

For coverage and protection that creates the illusion of an inner glow, try Supergoop’s Glow Screen in SPF 40. This multitasking primer creates a dewy, glowy base and safeguards you from UV rays and infrared radiation. You can wear it alone on a casual day or add it to your regular makeup routine for a bit of radiance on special occasions.

If you are more of a traditionalist when it comes to makeup and prefer full coverage similar to foundation, then consider It Cosmetic’s CC+ Cream with SPF 50. This stretchy, all-in-one cream is not too heavy but still covers all your blemishes while also acting as an anti-aging serum. Plus, this comes in over 20 shade ranges, from Fair to Medium to Tan/Rich to Deep, to achieve complexion perfection with sun protection.

If you haven’t already, for days when you’re outside basking in the sunlight, switch your heavier foundation for a tinted sunscreen to pull double duty of protection and beautification. You can finish off a no-fuss, no-muss face with water-proof mascara and SPF color balm for a polished eye and pop of color that won’t sweat away. A minimal, low-maintenance beauty routine is much preferred on these hot, still-summery weather days.