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I want to congratulate my friends at Little League International. The 2023 Little League World Series was off the charts. Thanks for another great experience. The tournament gets better and better. Jensen and Grandpa Mike made it over to the complex on a few occasions. Hopefully, they will continue this tradition. We are all proud to say that we are from Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Hats off to the four teams that are still in contention. My deadline is Friday, and they have yet to play the Championship — best wishes to the squads from the Asian Pacific, Caribbean, California, and Texas. Regardless of what happens this weekend, you are all winners and fantastic representatives.

I watched many of the games on television. I am always impressed with the superb defense. ESPN does a fantastic job covering all of the action.

I also need to give some love to my chums who were on the radio. Splendid work, Gary, O’Malley, Ken, Scott, and Tom. I listened to you when I was driving north.

There are so many behind-the-scenes good stories. My friends and I helped add some memories. A few of the uncles reached out, looking for a solid. They needed a field, and we responded. The boys from Fargo, North Dakota, met up with the guys from the Czech Republic for an afternoon friendly instead of playing the game at Volunteer or Lamade. The two teams drove up to Hepburn Lycoming. It was a fantastic game that went into extra innings. There was a very sparse crowd, and the two squads enjoyed a picnic afterward. The smiles and interactions were contagious. Hopefully, there is room for a picture.

“It was an awesome experience,” North Dakota’s Will Korbl mentioned. “We got to know the team from the Czech Republic during the week, and it was fun to play against them. Meeting all the kids from different countries has been one of my favorites.”

Staying with baseball. The City of Williamsport and Lycoming College recently agreed upon a 25-year lease for a new collegiate baseball facility. Work is getting underway to revamp the existing Senior Field in Brandon Park just north of campus. I have seen the plans, and it looks amazing. Bravo to both parties on coming to an understanding. This is a great move for the city.

Lyco has committed to investing $2.5 million in capital in the ball field, and completion of the first phase of the project is expected to be completed for the spring 2024 season. Lycoming has worked with Derck & Edson architecture firm to ensure the field enhances and preserves Brandon Park’s landscape, ensuring an enjoyable experience for fans and athletes at the park.

“The Brandon Park project is one of the more significant commitments in the history of Lycoming athletics in many aspects,” Director of Athletics Mike Clark ‘93 said. “We are making a significant commitment to ensure the success of the baseball program, but also making a significant commitment to the athletic department. This project shows our continued commitment to the city, an important partnership that should ensure that Brandon Park remains ‘the crown jewel of Williamsport.’”

Kids are back in school. The Little League World Series is over. We now transition to the fall scholastic sports scene.

Looking forward to seeing you at some games. Cheers.