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Play Ball

Play Ball

I would personally like to congratulate ALL of the teams who made it to the 2023 Little League World Series. Kudos to you and your families. This is a highlight for me as our lovely landscape provides the backdrop for an incredible sporting showcase. I look forward to heading over to Lamade and Volunteer for the amazing action. I sincerely hope that you enjoy your stay. Lycoming County has so much to offer. Please don’t hesitate to call or scribe if you need help finding a few things to do while in town.

I am a huge advocate of Little League Baseball. I am a proud graduate of the program. My entire experience taught me a great deal. I can also say the same for my son. Two years ago, he and his mates had an unbelievable journey. Hepburn-Lycoming captured the hearts of many. They made it all the way to the state semifinals. We will never forget that historic run. I still get goosebumps when we look at the scrapbooks. Being so close has resparked our interest. We have both watched the regional tournaments intently.

My father-in-law, Mike Coledo, absolutely loves this time of year. I will have to do some research, but Mike has been heading over to the games for many decades. He enjoys taking his two grandsons. The boys tend to make out like bandits. Thankfully, Grandpa picks up the hefty tab in the souvenir tent. Jensen has an impressive collection of hats and jerseys. He and Mike have made this trip on several occasions. It is a beautiful thing, and I am thankful for these experiences. They aren’t the only ones. Isn’t it amazing how Little League brings everyone together? There are hundreds of great stories similar to theirs. Fantastic.

Yes. I sometimes chime in with a different perspective. USABAT. MLBCLASSIC. STATUES and the DISGRUNTLED LOTTERY. But I am still a huge fan of the program. My friends in the South Side should already know this. Heck. I helped them with their kitchens. These next few weeks put our beautiful area on the global stage. It’s a big deal, folks. You have NO idea how many people tune in each season. WHERE ARE YOU FROM KID? Williamsport, PA. NEVER HEARD OF IT. It’s the home of Little League Baseball. OH YES. I WATCH IT EVERY YEAR. THAT’S ON MY BUCKET LIST. YOU ACTUALLY LIVE THERE?

Many of us have dreamed of playing in the Little League World Series. But very few get the opportunity. I played my ball at Boulder- Arrowhead in Billings, Montana. My family moved to PA after our season. We had a great team and made it to the State Tournament. My alma mater still has a solid reputation. The boys from Billings were knocked out in the Mountain Regional. One of these years, I hope they will make it to Williamsport. I still have my ALL-STAR jacket in the closet.

Jensen and many others are so lucky. He has had the chance to play in BOTH stadiums. Little League reaches out to some local squads to play during their umpiring schools and evaluations. He also got to swing for the fences when Hepburn-Lycoming won the 2021 District Title in Volunteer. I am so jealous. Don’t worry, we took a ton of pictures. Chills sports fans.

Enjoy the tournament. We live in a beautiful area with many treasures. Little League Baseball is on the pedestal, and she should be applauded. Please lend a hand to those who are visiting. Cheers.