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Fall Golf

Fall Golf

I cannot believe our summer is coming to a close. We just started. The kids will be heading back soon. The fall sports scene will be kicking up shortly, too. I need to make the transition. We all do. I seriously do not know where the time goes.

I would like to send some praise to two local squads. Last week, I wrote about the girls’ softball team at WALL. They finished second and an incredible showing in the State Tournament. I did my best to follow every game. Although our gals came up a tad short, I am very proud of this team and what they accomplished. Bravo ladies. I also need to give the Montoursville Juniors some love. My friends from the borough did extremely well. These boys finished second in PA. Juniors is the next step after Little League. I know a great deal of their coaches and players. I am not surprised by their successes. Congratulations.

Jensen will be heading to Williamsport High School in a few weeks. He will be an incoming freshman. Dude? Say what? Yes. This will be tough. He is all grown up, but thankfully, he still looks and acts like his mom. Jensen is somewhat excited. New chapter. New settings. I am sure he will be fine. WAHS is the best. I have nothing but love for my Millionaires.

My son plans on trying out for the WAHS Golf Team. He has shown a recent interest, and I am thrilled with his new passion. We have played a few rounds lately. Hit some balls at the local ranges. We practice our flops in the backyard after supper. Jensen is staying humble, and his expectations are low. Golf is hard. It is a very frustrating game. Especially for those just getting acquainted. I try to remind him that things will come. Stay positive, kid. Easier said than done.

One of the great joys is being able to share golf with your family. Introducing our children is particularly special. You are giving them a gift that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. Yes. I have been around the game of golf for quite some time. Player. Coach. Trade. And now I scribe. I repeat, golf is hard. I know a great deal about the golf swing, and teaching my own son has been rough. The same goes for any sport. It helps when you have another set of eyes involved. I highly recommend getting some pointers from a PGA pro.

I have come across tons of articles on how to get your kids involved. I am not an expert, but I have been around. KEEP THE GAME FUN. Golf is a game. Remove the frustrations and harp on patience. Allow kids to learn at their own pace.

GIVE PRAISE. This is so important. Compliment the good shots and laugh at the bad. Constant encouragement helps. Pat them on the back. Find and give them reasons to love the sport.

START SIMPLE. Start with the basics. A proper stance and grip will go a long way. There is no right or wrong way to swing the club. That is what makes golf so challenging and fun.

ENVIRONMENT. I don’t recommend that you take your kids to the course during peak times. Smaller crowds allow your child to explore and take their time. They will feel much more comfortable and won’t disturb others.

CAMPS. Do some research. Find a golf camp or clinic that is suited for kids.

I have enjoyed the past few weeks playing and prepping with my son. Jensen is getting better, and he seems to enjoy the sport. It has allowed me to start hanging out at the course again.

I look forward to many more adventures with the kid. Cheers.