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Let’s Hear It For the Girls

Let’s Hear It For the Girls

Congratulations to Williamsport Area’s 9-11 softball team. They cruised past Central Columbia to win the Section 3 Championship. These local gals will now head to the State Tournament in Wellsboro. By the time you read this, several games will have already been played. Win. Lose. or Draw. I only wanted to give my young friends some love.

“This has been a great experience,” Maslyn Hess chimed. “I have enjoyed making new friends and playing some ball. We are excited to go to the State Tournament. Our team feels confident.”

This team is a combination of two Little League programs. Williamsport Area and Hepburn Lycoming. I am sure the gals were somewhat acquainted. But now they are a traveling family. This is a beautiful thing when it comes to making a postseason run. We were in the same boat when my son and his chums finished 3rd. That was two years back, and I still watch the clips. It was an unforgettable ride, and I have been telling these girls to soak it all in.

“It’s a great accomplishment for these ladies,” Coach Marcus Montoya stated. “We have a great group, and their hard work is paying off. We came up short last year in Sectionals. Our team was hungry and bought in. They were rewarded, and we are now heading to the State Tournament.”

These gals have been playing well. WALL captured the District crown. Then, they were on fire in Section 3. WALL dominated every contest. Great pitching. Sound defense. And they are making solid contact at the plate. All three are a fantastic recipe for winning games.

“We are pumped.” Piper Fox exclaimed. “We are confident, but we know that we will be facing some really good teams. I am excited, and so is my team. We have come a long way. We are gelling and really becoming friends. It has been a great summer.”

“Lycoming County has some great softball,” Montoya continued. “Many of our local teams are heading to the State Tournaments. It says a lot about the talent and the coaching. We are doing our best. Having some fun. We are all proud to be on this ride.”

Win or lose or draw. Regardless of the outcomes, I am super glad for our girls from WALL. You have ALREADY fared well. Congratulations. Cheers to Charlotte Beiter, Maslyn Hess, Coach Justin Pennycoff, Piper Fox, Payton Pennycoff, Aubree Shaylor, Aletha Fletcher, Coach Marcus Montoya, Mya Ritter, Devon Stroble, Valerie Beiter, Coach Brad Engel, CC Montoya, and Ella Kenyon. Cheers.