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Make the Most of a Day at the Lake

Make the Most of a Day at the Lake

Water becomes the center of attention when the temperature climbs because of the cooling relief it can provide. Making a day of splashing through sprinklers, swimming laps in a pool or horsing around with friends at a waterpark is part of the summertime experience.

Even though most people equate summer fun with ocean escapes, those who do not live close to the coast often turn to other bodies of water to cool off and chill out. Lakes can be great places to spend summer afternoons and evenings. Discover how to make time at the lake even more fun with these ideas.


Cast your line right into the lake and take a shot at catching some fish. Bass, trout, perch, and pike may be interested in the bait hanging off of your hook. Be sure to check local fish and game ordinances to see if you need a license for fishing for the season, as well as the recreational size limits, possession limits and fishing seasons if you plan on keeping your catch.

Water sports

Water sports and lakes often go hand-in-hand. Certain water activities are easier on the calm waters of a lake than in the waves and swells of an ocean — particularly for beginners. Canoes and kayaks are one- or two-passenger vessels that can be launched from just about anywhere. They make areas of the lake explorable that may not be accessible to large boats. Plus, they require no fuel other than the power of rowing. If you prefer more speed, personal watercraft like jet skis may be used on lakes in certain areas. Waterskiing or wakeboarding behind powerboats are some additional options for thrill-seekers.


Although tubing is often enjoyed on rivers where the rapids carry people along from a starting point to the end, those who desire a more relaxing day may opt for tubing on a lake. Tie several tubes together and create a fleet of friends or family floating leisurely under the sun. With the addition of a floating cooler full of drinks and snacks, you can stay out on the lake for hours.

Lakeside cuisine

If you’re lucky to have a lodge or restaurant dockside, you can enjoy a delicious meal overlooking a sunset on the lake. Time in or on the water can build up an appetite, which can be satiated by a meal while you listen to the water lap against the shoreline.

Days at the lake can be memorable ways to spend summer vacations.

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