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World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day

After some weird weather to kick off May, we have finally turned the corner on spring weather! The final frost has passed, so that means it’s the perfect time to plant something!

As the old saying goes, “Give a man some vegetables, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to grow a vegetable garden, and you feed his whole family for life!” Or something like that…

According to Feeding America, 34 million people in the US are food insecure, including 9 million children. In 2021, 53 million people turned to food programs in the US, and 100% of US counties have food insecurities. For the a lot of people, having a vegetable garden could help to ease their family’s food budget, lowering the insecurity risk. Also, people who grow their own vegetables often do so organically, or with less harmful chemical insecticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. This leads to healthier food for families! If nothing else, healthier food is a great reason to start a veggie garden.

Not to mention that gardening is rewarding and good for your health. Just plant a garden and see. It is calming, relaxing, and therapeutic. Growing plants is peaceful, too. It is rewarding in many ways. It affords food for your table. There is also an incredible feeling of achievement when the produce ripens or the flower blooms. And being outside in the fresh air and sunshine will never steer you wrong (but don’t forget the sunscreen!).

Plant a Vegetable Garden Almost Anywhere

Looking for ideas on where to plant your first garden? Millions upon millions of people are already gardening in some fantastic places. Backyard gardens are what typically come to mind. Community gardens also abound. Locally, we have the Red Shield Community Garden hosted by the Salvation Army, and I recently read an article about the Hughesville Borough, also looking at the possibility. But you can grow gardens in lots of places, including containers and pots on balconies, decks, porches and patios. For those who are space-constrained, vertical gardens can be a resolution.

How to Celebrate World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day
You can celebrate World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day by:
– Join in the fun hobby of gardening. Start one today.
– Start a vegetable (or flower or herb). Keep it simple with just a plant or herb or two!
– If you are already a gardener, encourage and help someone start their first garden.

Start small, making it easy to handle and less like a chore. Chances are, you will make your garden larger in future years as you grow your gardening expertise.

History and Origin of World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day

According to Holiday Insights, this holiday day was created in 2019 by Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY. Matthews is the owner and author of The Gardener’s Network, Garden Hobbies, and Pumpkin Nook. Bob is also an enthusiastic, lifetime gardener.

World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day was greated to encourage all of us to feed ourselves, our families and give back to the planet. And also to enjoy a new hobby.

While this day is intended to create a vegetable garden, Matthews encourages you to use this day to plant a flower or herb garden if you prefer. Or, if you are feeling frisky, maybe a little of all three!

May 19th was chosen, as the last frost date has passed for almost everyone in the northern hemisphere, where most humans live.

“Old Gardeners never die. They just spade away then throw in the trowel” – H.V. Prochnow Sr.