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Tips for Budget-Friendly Home Decor

Tips for Budget-Friendly Home Decor

Home interiors can be spruced up in a number of ways. Ideas run the gamut from relatively inexpensive changes in paint color to more extensive (and expensive) remodels that may include demolition and reconstruction. Investing in new home decor is another way to breathe new life into spaces, and this approach that falls somewhere in the middle in regard to cost.

Material and product costs remain high across the board, so individuals interested in changing the furniture and other design elements in their homes might be seeking ways to do so in the most affordable way possible. In such instances, homeowners can try these budget-friendly ways to overhaul their home decor.

Create the illusion of more space. Light, bright and white are key attributes to remember when selecting design elements for rooms where you want to create the illusion of more square footage. Painting the walls in very light colors, increasing natural and artificial light, including using well-placed mirrors to reflect light, and decorating with light-colored fabrics can help a space seem more roomy.

Replace the accessories. Replacing curtains, area rugs, throw pillows, and chair cushions is an easy way to change a room without a big investment. Consider updating some wall art and tying color schemes together with all of the newly introduced elements.

Splurge on statement pieces that will be used frequently. These may include chandeliers, unique rugs or an eye-catching piece of furniture.

Shop ‘discount’ stores for furniture and accents. Traditional design centers can be great places to find plenty of high-quality merchandise. However, don’t overlook local discount or close-out centers that may have items at very reasonable costs. Stores like Home Goods, At Home and Big Lots routinely get new merchandise that changes with the season, helping homeowners to refresh their spaces without having to dig deep into their pockets. Shop the high-end stores for inspiration, then try to find “dupes” in the discount stores that will mimic the looks for less.

Cut out the clutter. Modern homes are lean and clean. A home’s interior instantly looks more high-end and appealing when the clutter is removed. Consider keeping main living areas free from too many knickknacks and other accents. If you want to display a special collection, set aside a room specifically for such items.

There are many budget-friendly ways to make interior spaces more inviting.

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