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Rainy Day Style

Even for those of us that are meticulous forecast checkers, sometimes you wake up, and it’s unexpectedly raining, throwing all of the potential outfit ideas you had the night before out the window, and are now being drenched. While wet weather can be a downer, it doesn’t mean your look has to follow suit. Here are a few outfit ideas, tips, and tricks to conquer rainy day style.

First, layer everyday basics. This time of year, rainy days can be cold, but as the months progress, they’ll start to get humid. So, having layers will come in handy, especially if a downpour breaches your outerwear and your mid-layer gets damp. Wearing a t-shirt under a button-up and then a sweater over that will give you options and hopefully keep you cozy.

Rainboots are a no-brainer on stormy mornings; however, quality socks are also key. Often pull-on rain boots are a bit oversized and can fit clunkily. A thicker sock will help support your foot and provide extra warmth. If you’re taking along shoes to change into from your boots, be sure to also tuck away the appropriate sock for that shoe style. My knee-high padded wool Bombas socks are great with rainboots, but rolling into a meeting with them in loafers is not a great look.

Speaking of meetings, for rainy days in the office, I like to keep it simple, functional, and chic. A blouse, cropped trousers, waterproof Chelsea-style boots (which can be worn all day), and a hooded raincoat. The style of pants is key — they don’t call them “high-waters” for nothing. A flared or longer-hemmed pant runs the risk of dragging and getting wet. A trouser legging would also work, just as long as they can be tucked into the boot.

For rainy off-duty days, you can always opt for jeans, again being mindful of the hem, with a long-sleeved striped tee, fleece vest, waterproof windbreaker, and hiking boots. Rainboots aren’t the only water-resistant footwear. There are all sorts of waterproof shoe options. I tend to explore the “weekend warrior” department for these types of shoes, but brands like UGG, Sam Edelman, and Hunter Boots will have less performance-based shoes that foot the bill and keep it dry!

For rainy nights on the town, you can still wear a cocktail, mini, or wrap dress. You can even wear an oversized t-shirt dress belted; just be sure to pull on some tights to keep your extremities protected. Sparkly opaque tights bring a celebratory touch to a dress look. I also like the idea of layering both tights and a turtleneck under a party dress for downpours on date night. You may, however, want to forgo heels and opt for more functional footwear and a raincoat.

As for raincoats, there are many stylish options out there. You don’t have to look like a sailor or a school kid unless you want to. A nautical-themed outfit is perfectly acceptable on a rainy day, while a take on a school uniform is basically business casual, no matter the weather. Those options aside, there are many ways to interpret a raincoat that aligns with your personal style. From classic trench coats to parkas to color block ponchos. And not all coats need hoods.

Bucket hats, baseball caps, and head scarves can all be deployed on a grey day, especially if you’re also carrying an umbrella. I also love the idea of a transparent raincoat; that way, you can still show off your outfit and stay dry.

Regardless of what the forecast predicts, rainy days can come sporadically and unexpectedly. But with the proper gear of shoes, socks, jackets, and head coverage, once you are safe inside and have shed your rainwear, you’ll be dry and stylish.