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2022 is Over

I try to leave on a positive note. And 2022 was a fun one, kids. There were so many great stories from this past year. I am glad that I got to share some. I am truly blessed and humbled. The praise and feedback from this part-time gig are off the charts. It is sometimes embarrassing. The Webb Weekly and I have been together since her beginning. I look forward to sharing more tales in 2023. Special thanks to Mr. Webb for the opportunity. He has been a good friend and serves as my big brother. I don’t agree with him politically, but we have a common understanding. My lovely editor Steph has also been grand. I have only seen her four times in the past 18 years, and yet we speak quite often. She is one of my good friends. Steph makes this page look nice and adds a few commas. All the glory goes to God, but these two deserve a lot of love.

My topics vary. They revolve around sports and the great outdoors. Fishing remains my passion, but I enjoy the many conversations with the local HS athletes and coaches. Jimmy and Steph allow me to seek and share some of their accomplishments. It is a lot of fun, and I have made many connections. Sharing these stories can be somewhat of a challenge. I tend to play fair, always strive to win, and do my best. Thankfully this is not a pilot. I will be back next year. I also like to stir the pot. But I now have to give a heads-up. Our local politicians are somewhat sensitive. I am just honored they read my column.

My 13-year-old son is my pride and joy. Jensen is a great kid, and I refer to him here quite often. My man is at a fun age, and he tags along with some of my adventures. Jensen participates in several sports, which provides some fantastic content. My lovely bride is also super, and we make a solid squad. But Teach doesn’t like the spotlight, so I always refrain from using her name. The Spencers like to keep it simple. We take advantage of our beautiful area. Hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and camping provide great content. The highlights from our trip to South Dakota this summer were splendid.

I am no longer on the sidelines. It was fun while it lasted. The articles on St. John Neumann’s historic run were a trending topic. Yes. I had the best seat in many gymnasiums. Coaching was a passion, but now I am retired. But I got to share some great stories on Davion Hill, Hanief Clay, Ross Eyer, and many others. Plan on hearing more as we move forward. Basketball is still a large part. This gig will help fill the void of not coaching.

Several have asked some interesting questions. Perhaps I can take this opportunity to entertain. No. I did not study creative writing or journalism in college. I played golf. English was actually my worst subject. It was a constant fight, and I vividly remember the battles. I lacked confidence. I guess that is why I am so appreciative when someone reaches out to give me props. I usually return with a hug.

I always struggle with early deadlines. My spunky editor would agree. Some say it is procrastination. I prefer to call it a minor delay in motivation. I always have good intentions. But certain things tend to get in the way. It isn’t always my fault, kids. But it usually is. No. I do not write these articles behind a fancy laptop. I am always on the go, and I call myself a MOBILE freelance scriber. All of my columns are typed on an iPhone. Maybe that is why my thumb never works. My coworkers accuse me of blogging. No, this isn’t just a rant on FACEBOOK. This actually goes out to 58,000 homes. Happy New Years. Cheers.