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Sports Gifts of Christmas

The Christmas season has a different feel
From the worldly troubles and all that is real
People greet each other and spread good cheer
Wouldn’t it be nice if that happened all year?

Sports are an escape we all can enjoy
As much as the little ones with a new Santa toy
We gather and root for the team of our choice
Regardless of gender or color of the voice

Be it the high school, college or pro
The game’s excitement gets us to go
It matters not which sport receives the cheers
Both wins and losses are remembered for years

As two thousand twenty-two comes to an end
There are many great memories that could be penned
Teams won titles and individuals shined
All coming at the end of a long training grind

The Warriors of Canton and Bulldogs of Shore
Left it all on the field, still hoping for more
South’s lady booters and Sock’s football team
All had great seasons but fell short of their dream

For Nittany Lions rooters the Rose Bowl is real
Playing the Wolverines and Buckeyes – they couldn’t finish the deal
The Phillies thrilled many reaching World Series play
Judge got 360-million from the Yankees for pay

The Cutters returned for a second Draft League season
Some fans still wondering about baseball’s reason
Little League’s World Series came back to town
Twenty teams now competing for the coveted crown

The MLB Classic welcomed the Red Sox and O’s
Boston fans still upset about letting Bogaerts go
While a new sports complex near Penn College failed
Lycoming and the City seek a deal being hailed

A new winter’s season is now underway
With plenty of games the teams will play
Some have great expectations, while other’s not sure
But they’ll all be challenging with efforts that are pure

Whatever may be your team, city or school
All hold sports moments thought of as cool
So as you all gather around the Christmas tree
Treasure those family moments, whatever they may be

The Lowery home team has many to cherish
From our memory banks they won’t soon perish
A grandson coaches soccer, a granddaughter plays at the Haven
A son coaches basketball, a sport he’s long craven

A grandson waits choosing a college for football
While I coach junior high youngsters giving their all
Seating at the scorer’s table is my wife Jean
It’s now been 35 years she’s been at that scene

If your shopping’s not finished, please get on the stick
There are plenty of sports presents that will do the trick
It could be bats, balls, sneakers or maybe some skies
If your loved ones like sports, they’ll be easy to please

As the countdown continues toward that big December day
From this weekly column I just want to say
Thanks for your time to give it a read
Take time this Christmas to do a good deed!

Those who engage in sporting endeavors receive special types of gifts, not just limited to Christmas time. Whatever your sport, words spoken by Nelson Mandela, considered by many to be the greatest sports quote of all time, are worthy to be remembered.

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, it has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope, where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers. It laughs in the face of all types of discrimination.”

My sincere appreciation is extended to all those who have joined me over the years for this weekly visit. Your time, interest and comments are most welcomed and valued. Whatever your personal beliefs may be, I wish you the best for a happy, healthful and memorable holiday season.