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Merry Christmas

The stockings were hung by the TV with care…and that’s about all I’ve got done!

I kid, I kid…kinda…sorta…I swear I almost have everything done!

OK, OK, fine — in reality, I do not, in fact, have everything done, but I’ll get there, I always do!

I did manage to finish one thing and that was working my little elves to finalize the Blaise Alexander Family Dealerships Christmas Fun Coloring Contest! It was another tough year of judging! Narrowing down hundreds of entries to just 30 winners isn’t an easy task, but luckily, I had help! Cocoa GlitterCakes, Merry FizzyCheer, and Happy JingleDoodle were amazingly helpful this year in not only helping me pick the winners, but keeping all the entries organized and the list of entrants straight! Again, with over 300 entries this year, picking winners and compiling the list of kids isn’t an easy task! But like always, we got it done!

I have to also thank all of the amazing local businesses that are kind enough to pony up prizes for the kiddos too! So THANK YOU to Liberty Arena/Kaos, English Model Railroad, Elery Nau, Hooplas, Treasure Castle Playland, Harder Sporting Goods, AMC Theaters, Dairy Queen, Trout Pond Park and Outback Roos! We couldn’t do this without you!

Below are the first-place winners in each age group. Congrats to Rhoda Burkholder (4 and under), Emma Herron (5-7), and Paige Zener (8-10), y’all did an amazing job! There is also a list of each little elf who entered the contest and the rest of the winners beginning on page 6.

Congratulations to all our winners! Your prizes will be mailed this week!

I also want to make a quick mention of a couple of entries that we received this year. Our youngest ‘entrant’ was just 3 weeks old, yep, that’s right — 3 weeks! Her mama submitted her entry with her feet and handprints ‘coloring’ the picture. We also got one from a sweet 9-month-old whose parents use feet, hand and thumbprints! It was so adorable, it kinda made me want to squee! Also shout out to Ms. Michele who entered at 80 years young!

Finally, I hope that you all have the absolutely Merriest of Christmases. There has been a lot of not so great in the world the last couple of years, so please take some time this Christmas to appreciate all the good. I hope that Santa is good to you and that you have a beautiful holiday with the one you love.

Speaking of Santa, I got a call from the Big Jolly Elf, saying that Cocoa GlitterCakes missed her flight back to the North Pole. Every year. There’s always one, every year. I’ve heard that she was on top of the Ferris Wheel at Knoebels watching the lights and people go through the Grove. If you see her, point her home. Santa is sending a special flight to pick her up and get her back before Christmas Eve!