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Candle in the Window

Candle in the Window

Christmas is an amazing time of year. There are so many things to do, to plan for, and to see. One of those things is Christmas lights. Every year people dig them out or buy the latest trend and decorate their trees and their homes with these colorful and cheerful reminders of the holiday season. Christmas lights actually started out just as candles. These candles were attached to the tree using wax or pins. I’m not sure how this wasn’t a fire hazard, but I won’t ask questions.

Candles in the windows are one of my favorite nostalgic parts of Christmas. I remember as a little girl, when it got dark, mom would say to my brother Luke and me, “OK, kids, go ahead and turn the candles on!” We would run around and turn them all on in each room. I would hop on the couch and reach up to the window to twist the little bulb in. There was something about the glow from a candle in the window at Christmas time. The two candles in my bedroom windows shined out into the night as our white birch tree stood outside my window. The white lights on that tree reflected off my window from the front of the house. It was magical for an eight-year-old little girl — my other bedroom window on the side of the house facing towards South Williamsport. There stood the mountain with a glow from Candy Cane Lane that I could see from my little back bedroom. I swear to this day, that’s what started my obsession. I could close my eyes and picture that tall pine tree all decked out in C9 bulbs from trunk to the tippy top. You could see it from so far away. Man, did those bulbs put off the light! No wonder I could see it from my bedroom. The whole street back in those days were mostly C9s and C7s.

Having the world a little brighter this time of year is one of the best parts of the season. It’s a fact that lights make people happier and smile for no reason. It just wouldn’t feel like Christmas without them. Can you imagine Christmas with no Christmas lights at all!? I can’t even go there with myself. This is coming from the person who was over to Candy Cane Lane four times before it was even December! So, from Thanksgiving night to November 30th, I was there four times out of seven. Each time I went up and down at least four times. *Insert my cheesy smile here.* It’s no joke, though. Each time I smile just as much, and my heart is just happy. I don’t call it my happy place for nothin’! There are so many wonderful homes in our area who pour their hearts and souls into decorating. It’s fun to drive around and look at all the lights. But there is one home in particular that I have to tell you all about. It’s a hidden little treasure that I found probably six years or so ago, and each year it gets bigger and bigger!

They call it Rudolph’s Runway. It’s located on West Emery Church Road in Linden. From 220 south, turn right onto Pine Run Road. Go two miles and then turn right onto West Emery Church Road. Follow this until you reach the lights! This house will completely just blow you away. You pull up to the driveway and literally can’t believe your eyes. The time into this has to be weeks of work. I’m not even kidding. My favorite part is the island of misfit toys. It’s actually on an island! I don’t want to give anything away, but it’s awesome! My second favorite part is the Grinch up top of the driveway. Every year more gets added to it. There is so much to see! You can walk it or drive it, and the owners of this house are really kind. I’ve met them a few times. They hand out cookies or candy canes some nights to folks who stop. I promise it will be worth the time and the drive. Find them here and details at

December 19th, most of my readers know where we will be, but it’s the night we always walk up Candy Cane Lane to keep our special night alive each year. I was proposed to on Candy Cane Lane eighteen years ago on that night. Chris took me to Olive Garden before we walked up Candy Cane Lane, so we always go there for dinner first, too. It’s fun recreating that night year after year, and our kids always look forward to it. It’s been a few years since I’ve shared the whole story, so I’ll have to share it again soon with you all. It’s a night I will never forget, and each year that magical street gives me back that memory and joy. But for now, go check out some lights and make some new memories of your own.

Enjoy and have fun with my annual Candy Cane Lane Scavenger Hunt!

Remember, it goes clear up Summer Street to the tippy top and turns right onto Spring Street up in the cul-de-sac! Can you find them all? Happy hunting!

Candy Cane Lane Scavenger Hunt
– A wooden rocking horse
– A garage door wrapped like a gift
– Three carolers singing Noel
– Scooby Doo with a Santa hat
– Two giant lit-up candy canes with bows
– Projector Santa on the side of a house
– “Welcome Jesus” sign
– Two LARGE “shopping” soldiers
– Shooting Star
– Jack Skellington dressed like Santa
– An actual talking Santa! (Kenzy’s and Ty’s favorite!)
– Santa with his hiney on fire and Comet helping! (Andrea’s favorite!)
– Golden Angel
– Two squirrels
– Triple stack penguins
– Two camels
– American Flag
– BIG teddy bear with Santa hat
– A cute hedgehog
– How many baby Jesuses can you find?