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What do You Know About Football?

Disclaimer. These articles are submitted on Friday. Yes. My lovely editor has everything ready to print, and she is often patiently waiting. I used to leave her hanging, but I have been on a roll here lately —2 3 straight weeks and counting. Maybe I finally figured this out. Perhaps no more struggles with part-time mobile freelance procrastination. There are so many great stories to share. But again. My news is sometimes a few weeks behind. Someone did ask why I am still writing about the Little League World Series. Relax dude. Hopefully, this disclaimer helped answer that question.

By now, week three of the high school football season is in the books. So instead of recapping each game several days later, I tend to rebuke. I sincerely hope that everything went well and many of you got a chance to “tune in.” I take great pride in being a play-by-play broadcaster. I have several part-time gigs, and my mom always told me that I had a face for radio. I still get a few strange looks when I am shaking hands in the stands. Most folks know I am a basketball guy, but they are totally puzzled when I plug in my headset. WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT FOOTBALL? is a popular and trending topic. Look, guys. I have been calling games for the past 20 years. I am dead serious. I always carry a resume in my pocket.

I got my start while in college. I was a student play-by-play guy for WLYC and the Lycoming Warriors. Oh, the memories. I learned quite a bit in those first couple of seasons. I got to travel in the same van with WRAK legends Ken Sawyer and Bill ‘Buck’ Byham. They taught me a great deal and gave me some pointers. Paint the picture, kid. No one cares about your views and politics. Frank Girardi is the man, and he would always take the time to talk before or after the games. That meant the world. I bounced back and forth for the next few seasons. I never felt comfortable and became extremely frustrated when my part-time checks bounced. I hung up my headset and moved on. No worries. But then I hooked up with a guy I had known and respected for quite some time.

First, let me say that I am thrilled to be associated with a great squad. Jimmy Webb and Webb Weekly provide a great platform and deserve some love. We send out crews each week and try to cover as much as possible. While Paul Bo and Rich Zalonis usually follow the mighty Millionaires, Mark Mussina, Drae Lewis, and I travel elsewhere. I also want to give my guys at Little League International a line. Nick Caringi and Chris Downs are my guys behind the scenes. We are getting better, and I am looking forward to 2022.

Online streaming was so important during the pandemic. We tried to bring you fans all of the action that we could. I ain’t going to lie, folks. It is great seeing all of the crowds, cheerleaders, parents, and bands. It is hard to remember two years ago when there was literally no one in the stands. Yes. We are not on the radio. We are online. The picture is perfect, and the commentators are quite alright. Sorry, Grandma. You need a computer or a mobile device to follow. Our games are LIVE via YouTube and can be viewed across the world. I love hearing the feedback from old friends who are tuning in from other states. One of my chums even gave me some love all the way from Japan. I kept the screenshot. So, I don’t pay much attention to the comments. Everyone’s an expert, and I am still very sensitive. SPENCER. YOU SOUND GREAT WHEN I HIT MUTE. It is just nice to know that they are watching.

So back to the question. Yes. Besides broadcasting, I actually know a few things about football. OK. I only played one year of organized ball at Curtin Middle School. I was a third-string receiver and a fourth-string corner. My playing time was VERY limited, and I was used primarily as a tackling dummy at practice. Coach Bobby Lynn always said I had great hands, but he was concerned for my personal safety. We were a running team like most junior high squads. Out of 50 downs, we would throw the ball maybe once. I caught two passes that year and — incredibly — scored a touchdown. But I decided to hang up my helmet the following season. I wanted to concentrate more on golf and chorus. It was a good move for everyone involved. Thanks for tuning in. Cheers.