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Great Musical Instruments for Beginners

Playing a musical instrument benefits people of all ages, including children. Young children may take to music education more readily than adults, acquiring skills in record time. While many instruments are beneficial to kids, certain choices are best for children just starting out.

Piano: The piano is a great instrument to learn because it enhances fine motor skills and often serves as a foundation for music education. The good news is one doesn’t have to purchase a piano to get started. Digital keyboards and even online piano keyboards can replicate piano sounds quite well and provide an inexpensive way to learn piano.

Ukulele: Ukuleles are affordable and their small size makes them ideal for kids. It’s easy to learn a few chords and play familiar songs. Plus, parents may appreciate that the ukulele is a relatively quiet instrument.

Drums: Drums teach children rhythm, which is an essential component of all music. Drums are attractive to kids because they can be great fun to play and help reduce stress by getting out all that nervous energy. Electronic drum kits are available as quieter alternatives and are great options when space for a regular drum set is unavailable.

As children acquire skills on these instruments, they can continue or move on to more complicated alternatives.

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