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  • How to Make Homes Safer From Fires0

    Over a five-year period beginning in 2015 and 2019, fire departments across the United States responded to roughly 347,000 home structure fires per year. That data, courtesy of the National Fire Protection Association, underscores the significance of home fire protection measures. Smoke detectors are a key component of fire protection, but there’s much more homeowners

  • Plant Your Garden0

    Last week I finally found some time to plant my seedlings, so this week, I will go over some pointers for plant care. Tomatoes are a staple fruit in most vegetable gardens — tomatoes like well-drained, loose, and fluffy soil. Tomatoes require 6-8 hours of sunlight per day and grow well when supported with a

  • The Benefits of Planting Native Species

    The Benefits of Planting Native Species0

    Spring and summer present ideal growing conditions for many plants, making these seasons an ideal time to tend to lawns and gardens. Though it’s easy to succumb to the temptation of exotic plants, avid gardeners and eco-conscious planters recognize the significance of native plants. Novices may not realize that native plants are much better for

  • Fun Advice to Introduce Kids to Gardening

    Fun Advice to Introduce Kids to Gardening0

    Warmer months are likely to have the whole family eager to dive into outdoor activities. This year, as you tackle the garden, find ways to get the youngest family members in on the action, too. Not only is gardening an activity you can enjoy together, there are numerous ways to incorporate age-appropriate, teachable moments from