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A Recap

A Recap

First, I would like to congratulate my friends at Little League International. The 2022 Little League World Series was off the charts, and I wanted to say thanks for another great experience. Jensen and I made it over to the complex on a few occasions. We are proud to say that we are from Williamsport.

Hats off to the youngsters from Honolulu who won this year’s title. They were brilliant both on and off the field. I loved their “WE before ME” baseball mentality. These young Hawaiians captured the hearts of millions. That Jaron Lancaster was a stud. And the entire team was super solid. How good were they? The boys played six games. All victories and the closest margin was four runs. Hawaii outscored their opponents 60-5. Impressive. Well done, kids. Safe travels.

Last week I told you about doing some fishing during the MLB Classic. My selfie video with a monster bass has since gone viral. I am still waiting to hear back from a few major outlets. Maybe I will send them more footage. They cannot ignore me forever. There are so many fun moments with the Little League World Series.

I briefly mentioned a great story with a Little Leaguer from Utah. I met Preston Threlfall and his family at Walmart. They had an off day, and they were looking for some action. We exchanged numbers, and I gave them a few suggestions. The Threlfalls had a blast and caught some nice panfish. They reached out to say thank you. Now Utah was eliminated from contention, but the team wasn’t leaving until Tuesday. Preston’s father reached out and asked if I had a free evening. Absolutely.

Jensen and I met the Threlfalls at Historic Bowman. Preston loves to fish, but he immediately questioned. I explained that it was late in the season and our Lycoming needed some water. But I was very hopeful that we would catch some Smallmouth. I let Preston use my favorite spinning setup. He was familiar and started casting. Jensen caught one first, and our new friend from Utah quickly followed. I believe Preston landed six. He was all smiles. Nothing to brag about it, but it was his first Smallmouth experience. It was a very enjoyable evening. Perhaps one day, we will head out west, and the Threlfalls can return the favor. Another great story that involves Little League Baseball and fishing. I am submitting my qualifications to the Lycoming Visitor’s Bureau. Cheers.