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What a Run

I appreciate all the love. This experience has been fun. I am so proud of my guys. They made it to Hershey. Although, we came up a tad short. We left everything out on the court. Bishop Canevan was the real deal. They were as good as advertised. Please let me soak this in. I have so many calls and texts to respond to. Tough to share my narrative. Tons of emotions and hundreds of great stories. I will touch base soon.

All of the credit goes to the players. I also want to give some love to my assistants. They were extraordinary down the stretch. The little brothers I have never had. I am so proud to call them friends. Having my parents who now live in California fly in for the game was a joy. I can’t tell you how blessed I am. They have supported me since day one. They support me no matter what.

Kudos to my bride and son. Coaching today is hard and they know this firsthand. Everyone’s an expert and it’s a constant challenge. We have to sacrifice a great deal. Being in the Spencer household is easier said than done. I plan on telling you more in the coming weeks. But not being able to see my son’s games was tough. It means so much to have them in my corner.

Thanks again for all of the praise. I am extremely humbled. All of the late nights and extra hours at practice are well worth it. Congratulations to the entire NEUMANN NATION. You all played a part in something very special. Here are a few of my favorite pictures. Much, much more next time. Cheers.