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Playing Sweet Music at Schuyler Stadium

Should Muncy ever decide to install a Jukebox at Stanley T. Schuyler Memorial Stadium, chances are the most often played tunes would be “Boys of Fall” and “We Are the Champions.”

With two regular-season games to be played (Friday at Homer Center and next week hosting Hughesville), Sean Tetreault’s Indians are seeking to secure their fifth District IV Class A championship in the last six years and improve upon a state ranking that has seen the team ranked as high as third in the state this season. In addition to capturing victories, the efficient Tribe has gained the attention of the Muncy community.

“Our community has taken hold of our football program, and they love it,” Tetreault explained. “It is great to see all the fans come out, not just being there, but they are very engaged in the game. They are cheering, they’re loud, they’re excited, and I really believe the players feed off that energy the crowd provides. The home-field advantage we enjoy is a credit to them, and we are happy to have those fans back in the stands this year.”

That crowd enthusiasm was never more evident than what it was when the Indians hosted South Williamsport earlier this month. On a night that featured Muncy’s Homecoming and Sports Hall of Fame, ceremonies, lines formed outside the gates as early as 6:00 p.m. — providing a small-town atmosphere that defined what Friday Night lights are all about.

On the field, the Indians didn’t disappoint the gathering coming away with a hard-fought, entertaining 31-20 over the Mountaineers, with the victory not decided until the final minute.

“Our kids put a lot of hard work in during the off-season, and it’s great to see them reaping positive rewards on the field. You can’t really define how much work they put in, and it is great to see how it is translating,” added Tetreault.

In sports vernacular, the term “triple-threat” refers to an athlete with outstanding skills in multiple areas. Leading the Indians surge is what may be best described as a quintet threat contingent that has given opposing defenses fits. As they have all-season junior quarterback Branson Eyer, cousin wide receiver junior Ross Eyer, freshman running back Austin Johnson, senior running mate Ty Nixon, and senior soccer-playing kicker Louden Boring were offensive in all the right ways.

Tetreault is pleased with the quintet’s skill and versatility.

“It is great to have a freshman like Austin Johnson, who has given us great hard-nosed running. Ty Nixon, being a senior, has developed into a legitimate running threat. They are two dynamic backs. Teams can’t really sell out to stop one of them because we have the luxury to spread the field with our receivers.

“Ross Eyer, at 6’4”, is just a match-up nightmare for a lot of teams and has great hands for a receiver. Having him on the field really helps our running game.

“Branson Eyer is like lightning in a bottle. He is a very dangerous quarterback who is doing a very good job of running the game and gives us the dual threat of a passing and running quarterback.

“Louden Boring’s brother Isaac had kicked for us before, so it has been a great transition to bring the younger brother in. His older brother showed him the ropes, and he gives us a kicking weapon. This is his second year as our kicker, and he is comfortable on the field and has gained confidence in his ability to make kicks.”

No matter how attractive the automobile is, it is the power of the engine that makes it go. Tetreault has a bevy of linemen at his disposable, including nine who top the scales at more than 220 pounds.

“Offensively, we start four of our five down linemen. Four are seniors and one freshman, they have developed very well. It goes back to the support our school has given us. They invested a lot of money into new facilities, a new weight room, basketball court, and a wrestling room. Our kids love that new weight room. It makes it easy to get kids to want to work out in such great facilities. Muncy made the commitment to invest in these kids, and the kids have responded with hard work and are reaping the benefits.”

This week’s game at Homer Center (near IUP at Indiana, PA) came about as the result of Bucktail’s decision to leave the conference, which left a hole in all the schedules of the teams they were supposed to play.

“We wanted to find a team that was going to be good competition rather than having a bye and be left sitting home twiddling our thumbs. We were fortunate to find an opponent in Homer Center. They are a very good Single-A team, and we are excited to go out there for what should be a great test. Then we come home to play Hughesville in a rivalry game.”

With the District Four playoffs looming, Tetreault is sticking to the coach-speak philosophy of one game at a time.

“We constantly preach to our kids every week that it is one game at a time, and we want to be 1-0 every week. If we do that, we will be successful.”

If that mission is accomplished, that Schuyler Stadium jukebox will be plenty busy.

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