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Closet Clean Out Spring 2021

With the taste of warmer weather here recently, I’ve started looking toward spring cleaning and my semi-annual closet purge. This spring, I am considering what to keep and what to donate, and how I organize my clothes and my clothing choices. If you also want to re-evaluate your closet and are looking for some inspiration, here’s a rundown of my strategy for this season’s closet clean-out.

First, have an honest talk with yourself and your body. Are you holding on to unworn pieces hoping they’ll fit? Is this the year you want to get in shape, are you done having babies or trying to have babies? Have you retired or switched jobs that no longer require a particular standard of dress? Have health problems or lifestyle changes altered your appearance? None of this talk should be in judgment of yourself, but instead a facing of facts to take a practical approach to getting rid of or keeping clothes. For myself and my family, we’re done growing, and it’s time to let go of my maternity and nursing garments.

After that honest conversation, you have several options on the logistics of your closet clean-out. You can go drawer by drawer or section by section, but this year I’m more inclined to go through garments by category. I know that I’ll still be working from home for the foreseeable future, so I’m not going to go through my blazers and trousers. The same goes for dresses — since parties and nights on the town are still on the back burner. I’m going to focus on the types of pieces I’m wearing or could be wearing for the spring ahead.

With that strategy in mind, I’m first going to go through all of my jeans and purge those that don’t fit comfortably. Since 2019 I’ve basically lived in my Levi’s 311 shaping skinny jeans in both black and dark washes. But I have over a dozen pairs of jeans taking up a whole bin in the corner of my closet. Yep, I have a jeans bin with some pairs older than my children. So, it’s well past time to only keep the pairs that fit and look the best, and then maybe explore a different denim silhouette, like a high-waisted relaxed pair and give my skinnies a break. My go-to brand Levi, has the Icon Fit High Waist jean that looks promising, or maybe I’ll try the Gap’s High Rise Barrel jean.

Naturally, after purging jeans, I’m moving on to T-shirts. I’m looking to keep only the best versions of each shirt style. The transition from winter to spring is the perfect time to purge all those white tees that are starting to turn dingy and all of those black Ts that have faded. Sure, I’ll keep some older T-shirts for nostalgic purposes, but if they aren’t in regular rotation, then they can move to storage. If you find that all of your T-shirts have seen better days, consider stocking up on basics from Madewell and Hanes. Nothing says “warm weather-ready” than a fresh, crisp white V-neck!

Since I’ll be living in jeans and tees this spring and summer, I’ll be looking at my accessories to elevate these basics into actual outfits. Whether going for a walk or just trying to brighten up things on video calls, jewelry and other add-ons can make (or break) a look. For this year’s closet clean-out, I’m determined to let go of outdated accessories and stick to keeping and wearing classic versions of sunglasses, belts, handbags, and most of all — jewelry. I’m especially looking forward to unloading all of my heavily-beaded layered necklaces, as well as anything too trendy from before 2010. Of course, some of those cheaper purchases from a decade ago that are still hanging around the accessory drawer will probably find a new home in the kids’ dress-up box.

For days when I don a button-down shirt, I’m hoping to get rid of all button-downs that have gapping across the bust. Sure, there are tricks to keeping a shirt-front flat, but who has time for double-sided tape or hidden pins? Besides, oversized is more than on-trend; it’s a way of life. I’m looking to pick up a few white and blue menswear-esque button-downs in breathable fabric from Mango and Uniqlo. You can also raid your husband’s, boyfriend’s, or Dad’s closet for some slouchy button-downs to pair with jeans and gold jewelry.

While my carpel tunnel hasn’t been loving working from home, my feet have definitely enjoyed the break from heels. For decades I’ve been walking around in uncomfortable shoes, some of which gave me blisters and caused a few slips and spills. This spring, I’m going to retire my sky-high heels and focus on loafers and flats. I’m a huge fan of Weeguns from G. H. Bass and slip-on sneakers from Vans. But, before buying new shoes, consider cleaning and repairing the shoes you already have. Spring is a great time to provide any needed maintenance for scuffs, worn treads, and broken closures.

Lastly, closet organization! I’ve gone through various methods over the years:
• Hanging things by color
• Having dedicated drawers for a particular type of garment
• Rolling as opposed to folding
• Hanging up outfits for the week on Sunday evenings

With lower-style-stakes for the coming spring and summer, my new layout is focused on functionality. I plan on having an empty drawer that will hold the week’s worth of clothes to just open and grab in the morning. After laundry day, I’ll refill the drawer with the T-shirts, jeans, shorts, leggings, and button-downs that will comprise my outfit uniform until further notice. I want to keep things simple and at hand. Not as exciting as cocktail dresses, mixing prints, or trying out new trends, but hey, when things seem chaotic in the outside world, it’s a comfort to have ease and simplicity for your everyday life.

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