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Jacoby in Winter

North Central Pennsylvania is home to many treasures. Yes. We live in an area with such amazing beauty. My son and I take full advantage as we do our best to “commune with nature” as often as we can. I simply love to fish, but Jensen is more of an explorer these days. Hiking is a new passion, and one of his favorite treks is a little-known secret just outside of town.

Jacoby Falls is a short and peaceful hike in the Loyalsock State Forest, only 20 minutes northeast of Williamsport. The trailhead is along Wallis Run Road, about 4 miles north of State Route 973. This hike is for the entire family and can be completed in 3 hours. The 1.6-mile journey covers a moderate landscape engulfed by endless oaks, maples, and conifers. The trail is very well marked with yellow rectangular blazes and follows the tranquil waters of Jacoby Hollow Run. The final reward is a 29-foot drop off a stream crashing onto its rocks below. Do not expect to see anything like Niagara Falls, but Jacoby is well worth an afternoon venture.

Jacoby Falls trail can be enjoyed any time of the year. The waterfall is exceptionally brilliant in the early spring when the waters are abundant and spectacular wildflowers and mosses are beginning to take shape. Some prefer the cool mountain shade on those dreadfully hot days of summer. The setting is also alive and full of color during our autumn months. Jensen’s favorite time of year to hike Jacoby is in the winter. The frozen cascade of blue ice is an impressive sight. I agree. The ice and snow formations are DOPE.

Jacoby is an easy trek, but you should proceed with caution. Always wear the proper footwear when hiking, kids. There are a few slippery slopes, and the climb to the falls is somewhat challenging. Depending on the season- you may encounter a couple of streams and lots and lots of mud. Encourage your kids to pack their own gear to keep it fun. Jensen always brings his trusty toy ax because you never know when a pack of wild Orcs might show up to dance.

Jensen and I escaped quarantine. We decided to take advantage of a chilly Sunday a few weeks back. We had lots of options. He already has an extensive list of area trails he has proudly conquered, but Jacoby Falls remains his favorite. We extended an invite to Mom, but she respectively declined. It was too cold.

We packed our bags with the essentials. You know, headlamps, machetes, Mountain Dews, and nerf guns. The Spencer boys were the only crazies making the climb that afternoon. We both took our time and appreciated our views. We managed to use my new water purifier for a nice cool drink. I believe it destroyed all the enzymes, but the jury is still out.

The falls were especially breathtaking that day. It was a few days after snowmaggedon. It made up for the many detours we encountered. Isn’t it amazing how much can change over the course of a year? Jensen is much taller, and we are both stuck in the middle of a pandemic. But Jacoby’s innocence remains. Please remember to introduce our next generation to the woods. Cheers.

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