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Happy Fall Y’all

Happy Fall Y’all

I appreciate all the love with regard to my “Unbelievable Fishing Story.” My phone has been ringing off the hook since last Tuesday. That muskie who inhaled my smallmouth bass has made me somewhat famous. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience, and I am extremely thankful that I came home with some footage. I enjoy scribing part-time for Webb Weekly. Thanks again for the kind comments.

My lovely mother recently flew in for a quick visit. The Cogan Station Spencers haven’t seen her since the pandemic. My rents now live in Southern California. They moved out west when my pops retired from Lycoming College. This was the longest time we haven’t seen her. We had an absolute blast while Jim stayed home to babysit.

We took a few road trips to see some foliage. The leaves have dramatically changed in the past forty-eight hours. We got some great shots at Little Pine State Park on Saturday. We then headed up to one of my favorite spots in Worlds End State Park Sunday. The older I get, the more I treasure our beautiful area. The 570 seems to shine, especially in the fall.

Mom has safely returned to West Hollywood, CA. She made it back with only a few minor IPT hiccups. While she was stranded, GG got a beautiful view of the new terminal.

We loved having her around. She made dinner, folded laundry, and helped Jensen with his online homework. Grandma isn’t a fan of the Hybrid either. We already miss her, and it is good to get back to normal. You know. Long days of work. Calling some football. And of course — fishing.

Trout stockings this fall will have a few new twists. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission will continue to encourage anglers to practice social distancing. The locations have been posted, but they are listed only by week rather than a specific date.

“This measure aims to provide some stocking information while continuing to discourage large gatherings planned around specific stocking events,” the commission explained in its recent announcement.

The commission explained, “While there are usually fewer people fishing along lakes and streams during the fall and winter months, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, anglers who encounter other individuals or groups are encouraged to practice social distancing and remain at least 6 feet away (the length of a standard fishing rod) from other anglers who are not in your family group.”

The stockings will be done by commission staff without any volunteer assistance. About 120,000 hatchery-raised rainbow, brown, and brook trout will be stocked in more than 100 streams and lakes to replenish some of the most popular fishing spots. Included on the lists are 32 waters in Pennsylvania state parks. Enjoy the outdoors. Cheers

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