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Broadcasting During A Pandemic

Friday Night Lights is back. Well. We are taking things one step at a time. Loyalsock and South sat out the first two, and I hear the boys in Canton are currently in the locker room. But all of our local squads should have participated in at least one game. I personally didn’t think we’d make it this far. Just being honest. Kudos to the coaches and players. The administrators and school officials deserve some love too. It takes a village to play High School Football in the middle of a pandemic. Bravo.

I was extremely fortunate to catch a few events in person. Yes. I came out of retirement to help bring you some of the action. I recently joined up with IPTSportsNet and Webb Weekly LIVE. It is my job to paint the picture. I called the Midd West and Montoursville game a few weeks back. Coach JC Keefer and the Warriors are loaded. The boys up front played spectacular as Montoursville scored 56 points and outgained their opponent 406 to 94. Maddix Dalena threw for 179 yards and two TDs. Rocco Pulizzi ran for 130 and 12 points. Dylan Moll is a stud, and he had 142 all-purpose yards. Dillon Young has great hair. The Warrior’s defense looked sharp. They forced six Midd West turnovers. Isaiah Fenner and younger brother Marco Pulizzi each returned an interception for a score. It was a great night in Montoursville. I even said hi to many old friends.

I found myself in Muncy the following week. Both Jim Webb and I did the game with Bucktail. The Indians were rolling early. They inflicted the mercy-rule by the half and led 42-0 in the third. Props to the Bucks as they scored the next 24. Bucktail only had 19 kids on their roster. Bailey Hadzinikolov has a tough name to spell. He was an animal and recorded a lot of tackles. Ty Nixon and Ethan Gush ran the ball well. They were both close to 100 yards. Quarterback Branson Eyer throws the ball well. His cousin Ross is a nice target. Muncy did well, and we had several people stream in. You have to watch your Ps and Qs because you never know who might be logged in. I have nothing against Renovo. I swear.

The issues of allowing fans, especially parents, at high school games, remains a hot topic. Both Montoursville and Muncy did well and included as many as they could. Providing a LIVE STREAM with commentary is a very nice feature. Many people have thanked us for doing so. It makes me feel important even when people say they hit the mute.

Governor Wolf hasn’t budged, and the state Department of Education has been asking schools to comply, which had been set at 250 outdoors and 25 in. Then the courts ruled that it was unconstitutional. To be continued. State House Republicans lost a recent vote to override Wolf’s veto of a bill that would have given school boards the ability to make their own decisions. It had passed in the House earlier this month, but the override tally came short of the supermajority. Now what?

While the spectator issue continues, a number of large schools have already opted to go their own way and allow some fans. Altoona said they would allow 3,400 spectators at Mansion Park, which is 33% of its capacity Friday. Dang.

“If schools decide to increase the 25/250 limits, they should exercise caution and use good judgment in setting numbers for attendance at indoor and outdoor sports,” Dr. Robert Lombardi from the PIAA explained. Thanks for the guidance, Bob. Cheers.

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