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Thanks and Giving for a “Wonderful World”

Heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you and everyone that makes your world a special place. What an absolutely amazing day. A day to give thanks to God for all that we are so very blessed with. A day to share the spirit of this blessing with family, friends, and loved ones.

It’s a cornucopia of fun, food, and football. No presents required, just a smile on your face and a thankful heart. A tip of my Pilgrim hat with the American Flag on the side to the Moms and Grandmothers for all the prep work and early morning wake up to make sure Thanksgiving Dinner is just perfect. And for putting up with the football smorgasbord that runs right up till bedtime. For those of you wondering, no, I do not have a pilgrim hat, but if I did, I would put an American Flag on the side.

A tip of my camo winter hunting hat, complete with that facemask for extra cold weather, to all that participate in an annual Thanksgiving Day Turkey Bowl. I can’t wait; I get to play all-time quarterback, even though my son Hunter sometimes gets upset with some of my lame duck passes. Or maybe I should say terrible turkey tosses.

The best Annual Turkey Bowl Award goes to the Person and Baggett families. Lycoming College’s Person Field provides the perfect Thanksgiving Day setting. And boy do the feathers fly — a lot of great athletes on the field for this game. Of course, it’s all in good football family fun, and everybody enjoys an adult beverage afterward. There is no truth to the rumor that this may also occur before and during the game.

Please remember the more seasoned members of your family that might not make it to your family table. Whether they are enjoying the day at home or maybe in a nursing facility, make the time to go say Happy Thanksgiving. Make sure you take along some leftovers complete with dessert. This also applies to a friend, neighbor, or somebody you know that would love to see a smiling face and enjoy some turkey with the trimmings.

If you come across a complete stranger that might not have a family table to sit at or maybe a hat or gloves to keep warm, thank God for this opportunity. Extend a helping hand and share a little of what you are so very blessed with. It will only take a minute to hopefully make someone’s day a little better.

Thanksgiving is a great learning opportunity for children. Teach them about giving thanks to God and helping others in the name of Jesus. When you say Thanksgiving Day Grace include the young folks, let them add in whatever they are thankful for.

Now here is the really difficult part that many people miss. Minus the Macy’s Day Parade, turkey dinner, and football, Thanksgiving should be every day. We are all so truly blessed to live in our One Nation under God. Just imagine if we all approached every day with Thanksgiving Day gratitude and selflessness. We could create that “Wonderful World” Louis Armstrong brings to life with his unmistakable voice. It is one of my all-time favorites, give it a listen and share it with the children. The song provides a perfect Thanksgiving Day message.

Speaking of the Macy’s Day Parade — this year will be the 93rd time the event marches through the streets of Manhattan. A tip of my New York Yankee cap to Williamsport’s very own Dale Schenck. This year will mark the 35th time he has attended the event. Several of these years, Dale volunteered as a balloon handler for the Thanksgiving Day Classic. It takes over 2,500 volunteers to make sure your favorite Thanksgiving inflatable doesn’t end up in or above Bullwinkle, Maine.

Dale’s favorite balloon that he has helped tether was the traditional Macy’s Tom Turkey, which is the oldest and most recurring balloon/float in the parade? The oversized gobbler has changed his appearance several times over the years.

Good luck and safe travels to Dale and all the balloon handlers; hopefully, it’s a calm day in the Big Apple. I believe it was Underdog that took off on a flight of his own not too many years ago.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and let’s all be careful out there. Whether you’re on the road traveling, enjoying some Black Friday shopping or hitting the woods for Saturday’s opening day of Pennsylvania’s rifle deer season. There will be a lot of hustle and bustle going on — please allow yourself some extra time. Good luck and always safety first to the hunters. Remember, if you’re fortunate enough to get your buck, register it in our Annual Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest. Just by doing so you’re helping the fight against MS. (Details on page ****)

God Bless America.

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