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Saluting Our Veterans

First and foremost, may we all take a moment to pause and reflect upon the bravery and sacrifice made by all those men and women who have proudly worn our country’s uniform in the all-too-many battles that have been fought over the years to protect our way of life and keep us free. May your

First and foremost, may we all take a moment to pause and reflect upon the bravery and sacrifice made by all those men and women who have proudly worn our country’s uniform in the all-too-many battles that have been fought over the years to protect our way of life and keep us free. May your deeds be remembered and honored by all on this Veterans Day.

This past July, I had the opportunity to visit Normandy in conjunction with the 75th anniversary of the Allied D-Day invasion that changed the course of World War II and re-traced the path my father, Ralph N. Lowery, took as a member of the Pennsylvania 28th Division. This week Webb Weekly will begin a four-part series of articles detailing that experience (see page 6). I thank them for their indulgence and hope the articles will provide some historical insight on what took place three-quarters of a century ago.

My son, Doug Lowery, and I will be presenting an informative program on those experiences Sunday, November 10, at the Christ Episcopal Church Social Hall commencing at 11:45 a.m. Visitors are welcome to attend.

Baseball Wraps Up

Now that the Washington Nationals have completed their improbable Wild Card World Series Championship run, baseball fans’ attention will turn to the Hot Stove League and the related activities of rumors, trades, and the eternal hopes’ next year.’ With eight Major League managerial openings being filled this off-season, there has been plenty of speculation as to who will get what job and plenty of competition among job seekers for those posts.

As I watched these jobs being filled, I couldn’t help but reflect upon a suggestion for those seeking to become an MLB manager someday; contact ESPN or ABC-TV and get yourself a job as a Little League Baseball World Series analyst.

Flipping through the TV channels last week, I came across the news conference from Chicago’s Wrigley Field, where David Ross was being introduced as the Cubs 61st manager, replacing Joe Maddon — who the team let go at season’s end. There on the TV was a congenial Ross, wearing his new Cubs #3 jersey, answering all the questions thrown at him with a smile on his face that was most familiar.

I don’t personally know David Ross, nor do thousands of other fans attending this year’s Little League Baseball World Series, but for the hundreds of those who got his autograph, shook his hand or posed for a picture, many feel like they do. My encounters with Ross were brief, all taking place along press row at Lamade and Volunteer Stadiums. David Ross was enjoying what he was doing and took the time for pleasantries will those he encountered along the way.

Those acts are not qualifications for an inspiring MLB manager, and some media members have already questioned if he’ll be effective in leading players who were once his teammates. Those questions will be answered in the months ahead, but the style and grace Ross exhibited while here at the LLB Series should serve him well.

Years earlier, in 2010, Bobby Valentine shared that same ESPN microphone alongside familiar LLB Series announcer Karl Ravich. Two years later, Valentine, a veteran of several managerial jobs, was hired to manage the Boston Red Sox. That year proved to be one of turmoil in Beantown, and Valentine was fired after the 2012 season.

But while he was in Williamsport, Valentine proved to be every bit as outgoing and friendly as Ross. An avid bicyclist, Valentine took advantage of the local area, including riding the River Walk in the mornings before his broadcasting duties.

One day during the Series, I stopped into Kevin’s Place in South Williamsport for lunch. There was a bicycle resting against the building exterior, and as I entered, I recognized Valentine sitting alone at a booth. Upon placing my order, there was no place to sit, and Valentine, whom I had never met, motioned for me to sit down and join him.

For the next half-hour, we swapped baseball stories, talked about the LLB World Series, and I listened as he expressed how much he liked our area. He was delightful and engaging. Unfortunately, the Red Sox didn’t share the same opinion.

No doubt, over the coming years, there will be others with MLB managerial aspirations behind the mic at the LLB Series. It won’t guarantee them a Big League job, but many locals will remember the experience of meeting them.

Gabe to Deliver

Summertime visitors to Bowman Field are greeted nightly and entertained by, Gabe Sinicropi, the Williamsport Crosscutters vice-president of marketing & public relations, during pre-game and inning breaks activities. It’s something they’ve become accustomed to. It’s part of the experience.

Those dulcet Sinicropi sounds will find themselves addressing the most prestigious baseball gathering of the off-season on December 8 at the Baseball Winter Meetings in San Diego, where he has been afforded the honor to serve as Master of Ceremonies of the event’s opening banquet. Attendance at the banquet at San Diego’s Bayfront Hilton is expected to be between 1,000 and 1,500 attendees. The banquet will feature the presentation of some of baseball’s most prestigious awards, honoring outstanding clubs and individuals from the baseball industry.

“I can’t begin to express how honored I am at being asked to host the Baseball Winter Meetings Banquet this year,” Sinicropi explained. “While it’s nerve-wracking to speak in front of over 1,000 of your peers, it’s also exciting. I’m glad it takes place on the first night of the Winter Meetings so that it won’t be weighing on my mind the whole time I’m there. On the other hand, if something goes wrong, I’ll have to wear it for the rest of the week!”

Bowman Field has long identified itself as “The Gateway to the Majors.” Now with Sinicropi’s distinguished honor, it’s not just the players that can climb to the top of their profession. Congratulations, Gabe, on this fantastic honor!

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