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It’s about the Togetherness

It’s about the Togetherness

It was last Thursday, and my phone rang mid-morning as usual. It was my regular call from my momma doing her daily check-in. There is usually not a day that goes by that we don’t touch base with each other. Must be a mother/daughter thing. Just asking each other how our night went the day before, see how the kids are doing, and ask what we are both making for dinner that night. It had been a while since we had been together for dinner. We were all so busy, and three weeks had passed that we hadn’t all had dinner together. This never happens. We are always together most weeks on Thursday evenings at the farmhouse.

Last Thursday, we were finally all able to get together again and looked forward to it!

Even the kids missed it. It’s ritual. They have gone to Grammy’s for dinner once a week since they were born! My precious little niece, Lexi, who is two, knows when she goes to Grammy and Pappy Metzgers that she will see us all! Un-tol, Auntie, Ty, and Kenzy. It is just the dearest thing. So when my phone rang, it was a day we were all looking forward too.

“Well, good morning!” I answered.

“Morning, honey. What are you up too?” Mom asked.

We chatted about our night the night before and how our mornings were going.

“I don’t know about you, but I am so looking forward to tonight,” I said.

“Oh me too. I’ve missed getting together,” Mom replied.

“So, what are we having for dinner tonight, or is it a surprise?” I asked anxiously.

“No, I can tell you. It’s nothing special, and I didn’t go overboard. It’s just basic. I have a ham cooking in a crockpot. I put it in when I left for work. Then just making mashed potatoes with gravy, fresh corn, homemade rolls, fruit salad, and gingerbread for dessert.”
“Mother! Good grief! Basic!? I thought you were gonna say hot dogs, chips, and watermelon or something!” I said, cracking up.

That’s like a Christmas dinner for Pete’s sake! And let me tell you, it was amazing! My sister-in-law, Loren Perry, joked with my husband saying how they tore it up and each had seconds of everything.

Loren said, “Yo Chris, you know if we ever went out to eat, you and me, we would be too busy eating and not say a word. Then when we were done, we would be like that was delicious and part ways!”

Chris and Loren are alike in some ways, and it is perfect that they are brother and sister-in-laws because they could pass as brother and sister. They are nuts together. Haha!!

They make our family shine, especially my beautiful, smart, and crazy sister-in-law. (And I mean crazy in the nicest way.) You have to know my sissy-in-law. I’m lucky to have her.

I’m lucky to have all the family I do. The memories we make and the love we share. Life is short. It doesn’t matter if you have hotdogs for dinner. You don’t need to make a big extravagant meal. It’s just about being together. Always remember that. You only have one family. Cherish them.

Simple Banana Cream Pies

• 1 pack of Keebler’s mini graham cracker pie shells (Makes 6)
• 1 box if instant french vanilla pudding
• 1 – 1/2 cups of milk
• 1 banana
• Whipped topping

Place small slices of bananas on the bottom of prepackaged pie shells. Prep pudding with the milk, mix well, and place on top of banana. Place in the frig to chill and hour. When ready to serve, top with whipped topping.

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