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Summer is in full swing, and road trips abound as we head toward these last golden days before school starts. While you may have your itinerary down pat and everyone’s hiking shoes all prepped for this year’s vacation, is your beauty routine ready to hit the road? No matter the type of getaway you have planned, here are a few tips and tricks to get your lotions, creams, cosmetics, and body product regime travel-ready.

First, for those of you who are beach, lake, or poolside bound, consider leaving the razor and shaving cream at home and opt for waxing as part of your vacation prep. Full disclosure, I once tried to give myself an at-home bikini wax, and it did not go well. Outsource your hair removal and book a waxing appointment at a salon. If you’re new to waxing, you’ll need to grow out your hair about a quarter of an inch. Additionally, lightly exfoliate your skin the night before your appointment. Stock up on baby powder, and check with your aesthetician on whether or not you need to take a break from any medications like Accutane after your wax.

Next, check the expiration dates on your SPF before packing up those sunscreen bottles in your medicine cabinet. If your sunblock is slightly past its date, it can still be effective as long as it’s been stored in a cool place and its texture and/or scent hasn’t drastically changed. Also, take into account your activities. For days on the water, amp up that SPF to a 50. For camping, opt for a sunblock that doubles as bug repellant. You may also need different types of sunscreen for different areas of your body. The SPF you use on your legs and arms should be different than the product for your face.

Don’t forget your hair. Recently, my friend with very curly hair took a trip out west. She realized she didn’t need her flat iron, defrizzing spray, or deep conditioning treatments in an arid climate. She is currently considering relocating to Utah. If you have higher maintenance hair, make a haircare game plan for your vacation. Overall, keep your styling simple. No one wants to miss out on the fun because they are stuck at the hotel trying to recreate a salon-style blowout. For ladies with longer locks, go with ponytails, or slicked back up-dos. Fabric headbands are not only on trend this summer, but they are also a great laidback style for mid-length/layered bobs. For shorter-haired ladies, you can get some easy volume and texture with dry shampoo or a specific texturizing spray. In general, no matter your hair length, go with travel-sized versions of shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, and style gel.

Speaking of travel-size, don’t forget to pack a bottle of top coat polish for quick nail fixes. Whether you’re making sandcastles at the shore, collecting sticks for the fire pit, or zip-lining along a ravine, keep your nails chip-free by packing a clear topcoat in your carry-on. Apply every other night while on vacation to protect your nails and extend the life of your mani-pedi.

Vacation makeup is kind of an oxymoron. Unless you’re going on a high-style/big-city dream vacation, chances are you won’t need a fully made-up face each and every day of your trip. And, to be honest, who wants to lug around all of those compacts, palettes, and brushes? You can eschew all the rigmarole of foundation, blush, eyeshadow, etc., while still appearing camera ready for those vacay pics with a well-shaped brow. Fuller eyebrows are on-trend, as they help frame your face, emphasize your eyes, and give you a semi-polished look sans makeup. Even if you forgo the full-on body wax, at least get your brows cleaned up and pack along some soft-holding gel and an eyebrow brush to maintain your arches on vacation.

Also, don’t forget to exfoliate. From the tip of your head, down to your toes, a good body polish scrub is not only great to gear up for vacation, but it’s also a nice way to pamper (and repair) yourself once you’re back home. Like SPF, there are different exfoliates for different parts of your body. Consider sun exposure, hair removal method, sunblock formula, and humidity levels when prepping your full body scrub. Your face is way more delicate than your knees, so you’ll want a different cleanser for your body and face. Dryer climates will most likely also dry out your skin, so best to work in a moisturizing element with your exfoliant, while humid weather may call for a more deep-cleaning scrub.

Lastly, consider working a bit of beauty into your vacation. One of my favorite holiday treats is to book a massage or get my nails done. Even for short weekend trips, check out the local day spa and see if they have any specials for travelers. Stick to standard services, like foot massages and manicures. You don’t want to try new-to-you treatments, like chemical peels, or change up your look with a haircut or color. The important thing is to find a bit of time to relax and treat yourself this vacation season.

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