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The Warrior Six

I have nothing but love for Lycoming College. It is a beautiful place, and there is so much to offer. Both of my parents worked here until 2017, and I was a part-timer in the athletic department for 16 seasons. I earned my degree from Lycoming in 2001, and I am very proud of my alma mater.

I am a huge fan of the Warriors, and I’ve been affiliated with the Men’s Basketball team for a very long time. I got my start when I attended Dutch Burch’s Basketball Camp in the summer of 1988. I was a four-time foul shooting champ, and I have the ribbons to prove it. I transferred to Lycoming my junior year, and then Head Coach Joe Bressi offered me a spot. My career as a Lycoming baller was short-lived, however, as Joe called me into his office after that first week and suggested I get into coaching instead. It worked out well for both of us.

I continued to assist the Warriors for the next three seasons, and I learned a great deal under Coach Terry Conrad. We had a lot of fun and brought home a Freedom Conference Championship in 2002. It was a historic run. I left the hardwood to pursue another gig, but I kept in the loop as I coached the Warrior Golf team for twelve more years. Coaches Don Friday and Guy Rancourt were a hoot, and they always left their doors open. We talked a lot about the Xs and Os, and both made me feel like I was still part of the family.

I’ve played, coached and witnessed a lot of basketball in Lamade Gymnasium. I remember the excellent, the good, and the ugly. The 2018-19 Lycoming Men’s team will go down as one of my favorites. They were the most talented, and were extremely unique. These six guys never gave in and had to battle the odds for the entire year.

Guy Rancourt headed to Connecticut, and Mike McGarvey was named the head coach a few months prior to the season. The Warriors already needed to replace two exceptional players due to graduation, but they also had to fill the void of several standouts who did not return. Coach was in trouble during his first year at the helm. Thankfully he had his outstanding senior class.

“This senior class was a blast to work with,” McGarvey explained. “Collectively they made their mark both on and off the court, and they will be missed.”

Tre Chandler of Park Vista, FL was the big man who had a great outside touch. He was the candid team leader who led the Warriors in flops. Tre, a talented Theatre major, missed two games because he had the lead role in the school’s play. That’s a beautiful thing that you can’t make up. He finished his senior campaign as one of the leading scorers.

Hiro Yamiko of Sakata, Japan was a crowd favorite. He lived the American dream by being a part of this team. Hiro was fundamentally sound and was surprisingly athletic. My man would make a great play leaving his opponents shaking their heads on a regular basis.

Jordan Logan of Oxford, PA spent the last four season excelling on the soccer field. The multiple all-conference selections helped solidify the stoutly Warrior defensive backfield. Jordan was solid on the court as well. He was a great asset, a total team player and got some valuable PT before a season-ending injury.

Amir Davis of Philadelphia, PA has a great smile. This reserve guard either did something spectacular or something bad. I don’t know him well, but every team needs a person like Amir.
Darius James from Brooklyn, NY is perhaps the toughest player I have ever seen. The 6’1” dynamic athlete was a tenacious defender who could guard all five spots on the floor. Darius was an important part of the Warrior successes over the years.

Serge Cole of Montgomery, PA via the USSR was one of my personal favorites. I coached the Siberian Nightmare for one year in high school. Serge was all about making everyone better and didn’t need any credit. I am very proud of this young man and how he has developed. Serge is very active on campus and always gave Jensen a high five. I was happy to see my friend bury the first jumper on senior night.

Congratulations to the class of 2019. I personally appreciate all of your efforts both on and off the floor. Thanks for all of the great memories and we wish the best. Go Warriors. Cheers.

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