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Webb Weekly’s ‘Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest’ Winner is Haley Mamma of Jersey Shore

Webb Weekly’s ‘Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest’ Winner is Haley Mamma of Jersey Shore

Haley Mumma, a 14-year-old young lady from Jersey Shore, has succeeded in taking top honors for the highest scoring buck rack in the annual Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest. Haley topped the list of over 60 entries in our big buck contest that’s been going on for about eight years now. Last year another teenage gal took top honors. The deer racks are scored by an official scorer using the Safari Club International (SCI) scoring guidelines. Hayley’s buck had 18 points with an 18 3/4 spread, which resulted in a 183 1/4 SCI score.

I recently spoke with Haley, a ninth grader attending Walnut Street Christian School in Jersey Shore and asked her how she got interested in hunting. She told me that when she was only nine or ten, “I liked being in the woods, and it was cool to go with my dad.” She went on to tell me how exciting it was to be with her dad when he got a black bear. Her dad, Scott also related to me how exciting and satisfying it was for him while with Haley when she shot the award-winning buck.

Haley shot the big buck on opening day of the regular firearms deer season. The rainy, cold morning didn’t produce any action, so Haley and her dad decided to move to a location where they had spotted a nice ten-point the year before. After a time at the new spot, Haley and her dad considered leaving but decided to hang in there a little bit longer — five minutes later the buck showed up chasing two does. When the opportunity presented itself, Haley took aim with her Savage 243 “Muddy Girl” (that’s a pink camouflage pattern for those who don’t know — I didn’t) and squeezed off a shot. Haley was confident of a good hit, however her dad was a bit skeptical until the buck dropped 30 yards farther and all doubt was removed. While this was Haley’s first buck, she took a doe as well this year, and she tagged a doe last year.

With the great success of this year’s hunt and the strong support and mentoring of her dad Haley has further cemented her desire to enjoy the outdoors and hunting. While hunting ranks pretty high, Haley also enjoys a number of other activities including basketball and softball. She is also into nature photography and drawing of nature and wildlife. Clearly, Haley is a multifaceted young lady who is driven by her love of the outdoors, and that’s further reflected in her future plans. Haley told me she plans on attending Penn State after graduation and she would like to major in forestry. She also told me she is interested in pursuing a career with the Pennsylvania State Game Commission as a game warden.

Obviously being a mentor to your children or grandchildren can be very rewarding; Haley’s story proves that. It also shows that maybe just a little more patience and persistence while hunting might result in a “once in a lifetime hunt.” Congratulations to Haley and we wish you the best with your future plans.

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